Double Singles

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  1. I wasn't going to do a full on reveal for either one of these bags. I had considered taking a break from reveals for a while anyhow (and there have been so many for the same bag I didn't think it was necessary), but I decided to go ahead and do one for these two bags together, mainly because I thought some of you might like to see the comparison.

    I've actually had the Grey Large Single for a while now. I got mine right when they first came in. If anyone's looked at my album lately, you probably saw the pic. As you know, I had recently found and bought a Bronze single on sale and really loved it. I really had no plans on getting another one, until I heard they made it in Blue, and even then I wasn't sure. Then with all the disappointments of no LZW or Marky or regular Cecelia in Blue (which I was thinking about getting instead of a Stardust one), I decided to trade in my Bronze Single for a Blue one (I'm kinda sorry I let the Bronze one go as there have been some subtle changes and I really did like that Bronze color :sad:)

    So I called my SA at Nordstroms and sure enough they had it. I wasn't completely sure if I wanted the Blue or Violet (I had seen the Violet one at another store and really liked it more than I had thought), but once I saw them side by side, there was no denying my love for the Blue one! :love: Surprisingly (well, I guess it really shouldn't be surprising considering the lack of blue this season), there are only 7 of these out there (I looked at the Look Book when I was there and saw which stores ordered them and how many they got -- there were only 7 Blue Singles ordered). I really love it a lot. The only thing I'm a little disappointed with is that I don't think the Violet edge paint is all the noticeable (like it is on the Bruna, which I suspect is because of the double straps and the way they knot on front). I think the Violet against this shade of Blue is just gorgeous!

    So anyhow, here they are my "Double Singles"! I tried to take some comparison shots so that you could see the difference in size (for those of you who are considering one or the other). After several attempts in various lighting, I think I was finally able to capture the Blue's true color!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Oh wow iluv!!!!!!!!!!That blue is AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Just jumped over here from the LV section to see if I could find any information on this exact bag.. And this thread is like sent from heaven! Thank you so much! :nuts:
  9. :nuts: That shade of blueis stunning, JJ! congrats! I also LOVE the grey single. Seems to be the forum fave this season. :smile:

    What are the differences between this year and last years singles?

    And is that a horse inside your plant pot? :P
  10. Quick question: Is the strap of the larger size long enogh (sp?) to have it messenger style? :smile:

  11. :blush: it's actually a Moose!! Don't ask me why -- the plants belong to my DH (I do NOT have a green thumb!), and for whatever reason, he plucked a plastic moose down in the dirt. I guess it had fallen over and I didn't notice it!!:P

    the biggest difference is that this season's Single fastens with a hidden snap, while the S/S single had a padlock closure (which admittedly, was a pain in the neck to open sometimes!). Because of this, the position of the padlock on the flap is different and I think it throws off the bag's proportions. IMO, this season's Single looks smaller, but its not (they're the exact same size). The other thing is, I think the Bronze goat leather was a little more durable than the Blue Lamb. While I absolutely LOVE the lamb's leather, I am a little more paranoid about it getting wet, etc than I was with the Bronze one (which I felt could withstand Chgo's most brutal weather!). (and it could be because it's so new, but I think the Bronze Single had more give to it than the Lamb version does)

    Here's 2 pics comparing the two

  12. I never tire of looking at the Single!
    They look so cute together--love both colors!

    SaraDK--the larger one's strap is too short for messenger style, IMO.

    ETA: You're right, JJ, the proportions on the bronze seem a bit nicer, with the longer flap.
  13. Glad I could help sarah!! Which one are thinking about getting -- the Large or Small? Which color?
    The strap is long enough to wear cross-body/messenger style. It doesn't have a really long drop (like a traditional msgr bag), but it's definitely a comfortable and secure way to carry the bag

  14. Looking at them again, you're right. I hadn't noticed that the Bronze flap was longer than the Blue, but you're right (I thought it was just the positioning of the padlock -- it sits at the bottom edge of the Bronze, while it's higher up on the Blue). This is probably why it looks out of proportion to me
  15. That blue makes my heart race!! If the large Single came in that it'd be ALL. OVER. Both of your Singles are just gorgeous, JJ. Congrats!!