Double Sale Reveal!

  1. No point dragging this out as there will be lots of reveals soon.

    Here is my Dorset in Queen Green, I am actually surprised at the thickness of the leather (in the picture it has no stuffing in at all). Love the midnight suede lining of the bag too.

    And a MINI Primrose in Pickle Green/Taupe. Now where did these come from? They also had them in yellow, black, taupe, midnight, green in both HOF and Mulberry stores.

    I wanted something with pickle green, and had been thinking about getting a regular Primrose but when I saw these mini ones (at £570) I was smitten.
  2. Lovely purchases! Congrats!
  3. They are beautiful! I love the green colour of Dorset. The mini Primrose is so adorable, cuter even than mini Lexi, I like the contrast of colours.

    Congrats! :tup:
  4. Love the mini primrose why are there none on .com sale
  5. Hmmmm a mini primrose in midnight would be adorable
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    HoF Oxford Street had them! :graucho:
  7. Great purchases, congrats!! I absolutely love the soft suede on the Primroses!
  8. Very nice selection. Congratulations!
  9. Gorgeous! I love the dorset, and the primrose is so cute!
  10. Woo, I never thought the green Dorset would look that good!!
  11. Gorgeous, I love the mini primrose. Haven't seen this in the sales only the bigger version
  12. Congratulations - the mini primrose is soo cute!
  13. Fab purchases the Queen Green colour looks really nice less brighter than on The mini Primrose is gorgeous just wish that they were available on line. :loveeyes:
  14. The green is as bright as on, my camera makes it look pale!
  15. oh you did GOOD!!!! :tup: