Double reveal...

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  1. Good Morning Ladies,

    I thought that I was going to share with you this amazing present I have got from my family. It was a combined wedding anniversary and birthday and we celebrated it recently and family got together and saved up it as they did know I loved this style when it was released.

    However I'm not really sure I'll keep them both, or perhaps sell one of them, even for me its a bit too much...

    Let's see if anyone is around and want to guess whats inside the dustbags?
  2. Happy belated anniversary and birthday :biggrin:

    I'm here for your reveal :smile:
  3. I am here :smile:
  4. Hi I'm here
  5. Ok lets move on, here is the first pic...
  6. Is the smaller one an SBS?
  7. Yes the small one looks like an SBS.
  8. Yes, we have a winner! It is a SBS.
  9. But which one is it ? Next clue :
  10. Looks like ostrich on the handle??
  11. Well that's what I thought! But didn't know they did this in ostrich.
  12. I don't know either!!!
  13. Alexa :smile:
  14. Fudge ostrich bays
  15. Well done Ladies! It is ostrich on the handles and here is one more pic :