Double reveal!!!!!

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  1. :yahoo:
    My first ever reveal on TPF...albeit a bit late.

    Guess what may be in the dust bag...and the shopping bag...If anyone gets it right...I may give a prize!



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  2. Open!
  3. No guesses??? Himm...after i get back from my errands...I'll open the shopping bag item!
  4. neverfull?
  5. my guess would be NF too.
  6. Speedy?
  7. Give us a hint!!
  8. :popcorn:
  9. tik tok,,, on the clock.... :smile:
  10. Yes, a hint would be welcome...
  11. hmmm...a messenger bag with matching wallet??
  12. Where did OP go?
  13. :couch: large agenda?...duffle bag too?
  14. The shopping bag Item is a bit smaller than a wallet. And the Dust Bag contains an LE item. :smile:
  15. Maybe Eva?