Double Reveal (shame on me!)

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  1. Hello ladies :heart:! I haven't posted a reveal in quite some time as I have strayed away for a short time to another sub-forum. But like any true devoted Chloe fan, I am back...and in full force :shame:...

    TBH, I was holding off posting a reveal because I was undecided about keeping the 2nd bag in this reveal...but now that I've decided to keep her...

    For starters, I've always wanted a baby/mini paddington, as I already have two reg-sized paddingtons. I'm aching for the INK baby, but found this cutie for an amazing price hold me over :P



  2. Sorry i think i'm going to interrupt your reveal - but i've been waiting for these! Love the Terracotta! :smile:
  3. Modeling pics...


  4. #4 Jul 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2009
    Hehe...Hi Sianii :heart:. @ least I have an audience ;)!!
  5. A couple of more modeling pics...full body size ones, so you guys can see her true size! Although, I'm pretty petite she probably looks like a reg-sized paddy on me :P...


  6. Yeah i'm here - sorry i was getting all excited for you! She looks fantastic on you and you are tiny too! When i carry a baby Paddy i look like i'm carrying a wallet! The colour's amazing though, i really love it... :smile:
  7. Jeez, I'm looking at my pics compared to other tPFers' reveals and mine seem HUGE! :blush::blush::blush:!!!
  8. :yahoo: Yay, a live reveal, I've also been dying to see these pics, you know my feelings on baby paddys, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
  9. Nah, i post huge ones too - but mine are so big the forum downsizes them loads!:biggrin:
  10. Ooooh, iLuvBagsnChocs :heart:...I think your pics of your babies enabled me to pull the trigger on Terracotta! I'm still in the market for INK, and then I will be back on a ban (for now :P).
  11. Hehe...that makes me feel better :biggrin:. Thanks Sianii :flowers:!

    Ulgh, photobucket is taking forever...almost done...
  12. Okay, and now for the creme de la creme...possibly the most expensive bag I will own in my lifetime I bet :sweatdrop:. After a very stressful couple of weeks of whether I should buy her, and then whether I should keep her...and with the help of great tPFers :flowers: (namely Mona_danya & Dragonette, oh and I can't forget my Chloe gurus: BMB & Qwerty), I've decided she's a keeper....:love:

    Introducing my Paraty in...

  13. baby paddy looks great on you and the color :love:
    Love the outfit(s)
    Paraty in old pink even better.....
    Congrats and yes you are back in full force
    Great choice
  14. Possibly the most sensational bag EVER, now that I have fully digested her price tag and realize that I have to sell like 5 of my fave bags to fund her existence in my life...:blush:...

    An interior lighting pic:

    And yes, she is the sm/med size:

  15. Thanks Juda :flowers:! Both bags are so versatile too...:girlsigh:. This is dangerous...being back...hehe...a habit that can never be broken...