Double reveal! (Rockie and Tri-fold)

  1. Say hello to my new babies! Rockie in vine and Tri-fold in stingray black! :biggrin:


    And here they are together, already best friends:

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Oh mama! I am a big fan of the trifold. Mod shots? Congrats!
  3. Thanks! Will try and do some more photos for you soon!
  4. Loving them both! Can't wait to see those mod shots :smile:
  5. Congrats! I love the matte black hardware on the Tri-Fold and I adore Rockie's especially yours in Vine..
  6. Stunning choices! That tri-fold looks amazing and the green is so divine on that Rockie! :smile:
  7. I truly can't decide which one I like more! Both are beautiful, I know you will enjoy them!
  8. wow i love the green!! :biggrin:
  9. Thank you guys! Already used both of them! The tri-fold is really narrow and doesn't fit a lot, but that was expected. The rockie is just the perfect everyday bag, so now I want more :p
  10. Argh that is my only issue with the tri fold. A decent looking size but doesn't seem to fit much. What can you manage to fit in it? I cant help but swoon when i see a trifold. My favorite style!
  11. Basically my wallet, a pouch with stuff (lipbalm, keys etc), cell phone and a notebook/calendar. You can expand the bag by zipping down the side zippers, but I don't like the look of it. This bag is really great if you only carry flat things as all the different "pockets" (two in the front, one small pocket inside with zipper and one on the back) are really tight :p
  12. Does the trifold scratch easily? The leather on it looks pretty delicate and soft. Also, does it fit a standard 8 inch wallet? Thanks! Your bags are beautiful, I literally just drooled.
  13. Unfortunately, I think it can easy get scratches. Only used it once so far, but I try to be careful with sharp objects around it :p And yes, it does fit an 8 inch wallet :smile: I can fit everything I need, but the bag definitely looks bigger than it is.
  14. Took some photos. Managed to squeeze in my wallet, ipad mini and a pouch with keys, lipbalm, earbuds etc. Hope this helps
  15. Love the trifold!!! I have been eyeing this for a while now, saw it at the Net-a-porter sale, but it was snapped up before I made up my mind :sad: Nevertheless, congrats on your two new Awangs!