DOUBLE REVEAL! Anyone there?

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  1. Sooo...I have never done a reveal thread. This is going to be so much fun :biggrin:

    A little back story, I currently live in Mongolia in the land of "No CLs" majority of the women I know own them, there just aren't any stores selling CLs. There also is no reliable way to ship to Mongolia, so basically the only way I can get them is if DF and I travel. DF just went to Beijing for business and brought Back 2 pairs for me :biggrin:

    Anyone there?
  2. :woohoo::popcorn:
  3. Here!
  4. Behind curtain number 1 iiiis the beautiful nude...can you guess what it is?
  5. Decollete 554 ?
  6. Yay Heidi! You are good! It is indeed the decollete 554 in Nude
    image-876619188.jpg image-1876424734.jpg
  7. Pair number 2 iiiis the beautiful patent red Bianca 140
    image-2219704933.jpg image-3383162523.jpg
  8. Sweet ! Your DF is really thoughtful :happydance::tup: I looooove love love the red Biancas !
    Congrats on the new pairs and wear them in good health !
  9. Thank you, Isn't he :smile: I am getting a Jessica Rabbit dress and gloves made for Halloween and he knew I didn't have red shoes to go with it ... So that's where the red Bianca comes in :smile:
  10. They are beautiful, and timeless. Congrats :smile:
  11. Congrats :woohoo:
  12. Some mod pics ladies :biggrin:
    image-2553269663.jpg image-1884696918.jpg image-3328774666.jpg
  13. And some more
    image-80567788.jpg image-731515597.jpg
  14. Congrats on your new CLs. Both are stunning.
  15. Love both pairs! And the mod pics are really super! :smile: