Double Reveal + A very sweet happy ending!!

May 3, 2009
I posted a few days ago about buying another Galliera and giving my old one to my best friend. She has loved my bag for 2 years and there would be no chance of her getting it. I met her for lunch to show her my new bag (Galliera), she looked at me like I was CRAZY.. She asked where is the other one? I said it's going to a really good home and handed it to her. Perfect moment, tears of joy and a priceless face....

So, here is my new Galliera and Logomania scarf (the scarf looks like it has bleach spots, it's the sun coming through the window).



Aug 20, 2010
OC California
I would love to do that for one of my friends!!! You are a very kind friend. Beautiful bag!! You and now your best friend are very lucky!


May 1, 2010
You have such a big heart and that is really very nice of you. I'm sure you'll get more lv blessings.


Oct 18, 2010
What a wonderful thing for you to do, CutiePie! I'm sure your friend thinks the world of you. How many of us would actually do the same for one of our friends? Truly an angel you are. You have a generous and unselfish heart...:angel:

I do have one question, though. Before you gave your friend your old Galliera, did you notice whether or not LV fixed the issue with the rings? I really want to buy a Galliera PM, but I'm hesitant if there's still an issue with the rings (black marks from the rings rubbing against the bag).:wondering
May 3, 2009
My heart is filled with happiness and we both cried. There is really no better feeling. I felt like Oprah doing my favorite things show.