Double reveal & a dilemma

  1. I know it is late but is anyone around for a quick reveal?
  2. I'm here, let's see what you've got ....
  3. Me too. Waiting
  4. Me three :biggrin:
  5. I was begining to think I was on my own!
  6. I have a dilemma, a lovely dilemma to have but still a dilemma…

    I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in the sale and I was so happy when I managed to buy my perfect bag before the sale had started (at sale price). But then I saw the reveals and saw another bag that rivaled the first one.

    I now have two bags that I absolutely love but as they are the same colour/leather, one is definitely going back. As I love both styles, I will definitely buy the one that goes back in another colour (if that makes sense) so I guess my question is which bag suits the colour/leather combination best?

    Please help me decide!
  7. Alex and lily in ss nightshade ?!?!?
  8. Looks like one might be a Lily??
  9. Hmmm on second thoughts... Hot fuchsia... Not sure which bags just looks pink!
  10. Well you got one bag right...but wrong colour/leather...
  11. Lily and bayswater cookie?
  12. Plaster pink?
  13. Sure this will give the game away...
  14. Well done!
  15. Could be??