Double posting of the same item - Allowed...??

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  1. Example:

    Seller has one (genuine) bag for sale.

    Seller lists it twice over, one with a very low starting price to encourage bids and one with a buy it now of £650.

    The seller has explained that if the auction with the low starting price goes high enough, then the seller will end the BIN listing. And vice versa...

    In the meantime, buyers are getting suspicious because they are seeing the same bag up for sale twice, yet it is not.

  2. I've seen this before too, and I'm almost positive this isn't allowed. IMO the seller could get themselves in all kinds of trouble doing this! They need to decide on *one* way to sell it (BIN, low starting bid, etc.) and stick with it!
  3. No, it is not allowed. It is very much against eBay policy and can be reported.
  4. Absolutely not.
  5. why would they even do that? why not have ONE auction with a low starting bid and a bin? then it's 25cents for the bin instead of whatever the cost for a whole new auction- 2-3 dollars? that's dumb.
  6. ^That's what i thought..

    And they are a power seller too - so, apparently, should know better.

    IMO, it also creates confusion for buyers and most likely puts people off bidding.

    Strange eh?:s
  7. That is really weird - hmmm...did anyone report them to ebay yet?
  8. Why wouldn't it be allowed? If someone wants to buy-it-now rather than wait for the auction, then they can... The seller will then end the other auction. If they had a buy-it-now price in the auction, then this option disappears after the first bid. They're keeping the options open. Is this against ebay rules? How come? Seller is paying two listing fees... Would ebay care?
  9. IMO - i would say it creates confusion and is misleading for potential buyers.

    It makes it look as though the seller has two of the same items up for sale, using the same pictures on each listing, when they only have one and are waiting for the better offer.
    What would happen if two separate bidders both bought the bag at the same time....that could cause problems, surely?

    A friend of mine once mistakenly listed two sets of tickets through the BIN format, when she only had one set for sale, and got suspended. And that was a mistake, not done on purpose.:s

    I'm going to check Ebay's rules right now..;)
  10. Really? I don't really understand why ebay would care enough to suspend the account on those basis. I agree that there'd be confusion, but it can only be detrimental to the seller because buyers would get suspicious.

    What does the rules say?
  11. I couldn't find anything specific in the rules - you need the exact phrase you're looking for, otherwise you have to search through pages and pages of information.

    And the friend of mine who was suspended?
    It was on the basis that two separate bidders thought they were going to get a set of 2 x tickets each. When she only had one 2 x set for sale - it caused confusion and one bidder was 'let down', so to speak, even though it was a genuine mistake.