Double points at Neiman Marcus

  1. The Michigan Avenue store in Chicago will be having their double points event from Sept. 14th to the 22nd.

    If anyone needs a good SA I have two! Pm me.

    I try to do all my big hit shopping when there are double point events. They really add up! I got a $1250 GF last year - WOW!!
  2. Thanks for the tip! I wonder when NM Somerset is having theirs
  3. Is this part of InCircle or in conjunction with their 100th Anniversary? I haven't heard anything about double points at my store--hmmm....
  4. Every year about this time NM on MA has this promo. It is part of inCircle. Each store is probably different. I save all my fall shopping for this week.
  5. Silly question but how do you get point/ double points?
  6. Does each store have their own double points event on different dates? Does anyone know when San Francisco will have theirs?
  7. It is like a frequent buyer program. Go to the NM website and click on InCircle. It will show you the different levels and what you can earn. The Gift Cards are also the best options!
  8. I think every store is different. I do all my shopping at the one on MA and get a letter from the store manager at that store.

    If you have an SA you work with exclusively then you can ask her/him.
  9. I thought I heard Charlotte NM double point days are in October, but I could be wrong.

    Leave some shoes for other people, maxter!
  10. I've got the teeny, tiny feet (size 6 or 6 1/2) so no worry there!

    But very funny, Boxermom!!
  11. Maxter, sorry to post this in your thread again but I guess it's an easy way to post the double points news :yes:


    NM Somerset double points - October 18-20
  12. thank you :tup:
  13. Don't mind at all. The more the merrier!!
  14. Anyone know about mail order's double points? Or Horchow's?
    I have a new bed picked out for my son, and I'd love to leverage the purchase.
    I've kind of been hoping that Monday September 10th would be a special day, as it's N-M's 100th anniversary.