Double pleated scarfs

  1. Hi, i've been looking for a double pleated scarf for some time but since they don't do them anymore its been kind of tricky. There isn't many on eBay or in second hand stores. Anyway, i talked to a SA in Cannes/Frances who said you can make any scarf a pleated one or if you prefer a double pleated. Just buy it and they send it in to be pleated. Has anyone of you done this or do you know how long it takes to get it back.
  2. Shopmom had it done and it took 4 months for it to come back. Since you live on the continent, you may get it faster.
  3. wow .. that is a long time. Thanks
  4. Wow, I have never heard of that before but that sounds amazing.
    It is a long time but if you really want a specific scarf pleated I think its worth the wait!!