Double Joggers

  1. Who has a good one that they could recommend???????

    I have a Maclaren Double Umbrella Stroller, but definately need a double jogger now, especially for the beach. Any good advice ? I am not about to spend over $500 on this though, so I can't even think about the Phil & Ted.
  2. BOB Revolution... it's like a mountain bike, with shock absorption system. It can roll on the beach, NO PROBLEM. Grass, up sidewalks, down sidewalks. I love mine. The front wheel can either swivel or be in a locked position.

    Whichever one you end up buying, make sure the front wheel has the SWIVEL option for added mobility. If the front wheel is locked (ie. points straight ahead only), you would have to LIFT the stroller's front to turn the stroller left or right. I've seen people jog with these and it looks really awkward and uncomfortable for Junior.
  3. I have a single Baby Jogger and love it (one hand fold) and am thinking about getting the double. Baby Jogger allows you to hold the front wheel in stationary (for jogging) or swivel mode for ease of steering. Check out their website.
  4. years ago i had the baby jogger, it was wonderful quality. but there are so many choices now (back then jogger was pretty much the standard)

    sorry, not much help
  5. unfortunately, if you want good quality, you have to pay out the $$$. But, please look on your craigslist for them. People don't tend to use double joggers for long because their older child outgrows them, so check there. I got a single TRUE jogger for $50 and it was a $350 stroller and it still had it's price tag on it!