Double Jaw Surgery, v-line, and lipo at TFD - Completely honest review (please read if looking to get this procedure!)


Mar 17, 2019
Hello, everyone. I'll start this review by saying I've always been deeply unhappy with my face. I've always had a long face, large jaw, and asymmetrical lips. This only seemed to get worse in my early 20s, as soft tissue grew more around my chin, and my jaw was developing more. It was no longer just thin and long, but now thick. I remember when I first saw the results of double jaw surgery from Korea. It was kind of magical to me - a hope that I could 'fix' my face in such an easy procedure. I was so enamored by the idea, and I placed such high hopes upon it, that I've now had to deal with much depression and pain. I understand that this may seem melodramatic, but when you want something for so long, it's incredibly painful to not have this happen. I told myself I would be prepared in case I wasn't happy - well I didn't prepare completely it seems. When I would edit photos of myself, dreaming of how I wanted my jaw to look, I began making it less edited - thinking that this was my way of being 'realistic'. I ignored people mentioning sagging because I thought, stupidly, that I would be different or that even with the sagging I would be happier than I was before. This is not the case I'm afraid.

I had surgery 8 months ago in early November. This is me before:
before2.png before3.png before4.png
As you can see, my chin was somewhat large, and my lips had some asymmetry. Looking back now, I don't even see it as bad really. It brings me to tears how much I hated my face before, and now I have irrevocably changed it. There was nothing wrong with me, and my bite was just fine. At the end of my review I will post different things I would have done, so that if someone who is pre-surgery can read this and reconsider or evaluate their options.

I won't say much about my trip or how Korea was - the city was beautiful. Meeting Dr. Lee, he was kind albeit rushed. He took time to explain the procedures to me as well as answer questions. He noted that he didn't think I needed the surgery, but if I wanted to have a less large jaw, this would be my option. I wish instead I had pressed him why I didn't need it. I wish I had pressed him on the problems or complications after surgery. If you are still considering this, please do this. Understand that the good results you see are only temporary as well - eventually the soft tissue will catch up and they too will need some sort of lifting procedure such as SMAS, if that will even fully restore what has been done. I also realize now that my cheeks were far too chubby for this to ever look good.
Anyway, here are some pics of me after the surgery (not going to include immediate post due to blood and grossness):
Me about five days after my surgery. I was both terrified and ecstatic. I had actually gone through with the surgery.
Me a couple weeks post surgery. I had some worries about my sagging and if my new chin and jaw fit my face well.
after1.png after2.png after3.png
Some of you may be familiar with my thread where I asked about swelling 2 months post op. These were taken a little before that time. Very swelled up still. My lips were corrected with overlining, but you can already see that my philtrum is quite projected.
after4.png after5.png after6.png
These were taken a couple of days ago. As bad as they are in these shots, it's worse in person as the light catches the sagging of my cheeks and jowls. As you can see from the photo straight on, there is a considerable dent missing in the jawline of my right side. I was hoping that with time, swelling would absolve this. It did not. I was unhappy with my appearance before, but at least I looked my age. From my left side, my cheek is less saggy as there is more jaw for the soft tissue to sit on.

Will continue this in the next post, as there's a couple more pictures I would like to add and have met the limit for this one.


Mar 17, 2019
after6.png after7.png
This is sag. My skin is soft and unwrinkled, but the cheeks are fat, low and fall at my jawline. I can't even appreciate the thing I spent my money on. I can see it best when I lay on my back and hold a mirror above my head, as my contours are very visible and appealing.

Another image showing off the cheeky jowls. Obviously I have to overline my lips now because of how projected my philtrum is.

It's hard for me to focus on what exactly I need to fix now as a result of this surgery. I feel like my chin is too small now, especially in profile, and I will need a revision genioplasty. I have a prominent overbite as a result, and have been looking into invisalign as well as a lip lift. But most of all is the sagging. The research I've done says I would need a SMAS facelift... But i'm only 26. Surgeons don't respond to this, and instead say I am too young. I have had a doctor in the US basically chide me for my stupidity for doing what I did. And he's right, what I did was stupid, and I didn't need it. Nobody wants to work on you after you've done something such as double jaw and v-line - you're a complicated case. Double jaw especially due to all the scar tissue. They will offer you bandaids, such as thread-lifts or radiofrequency, which are essentially useless. I don't want to get thread lifts until I'm 40 - I want to fix this now. And this has probably been the most hard parts of the results from my surgery - I don't know how to fix this.

Looking back, I now know what I would have done instead of this. I would have personally just done some botox on the masseters, a submental liposuction, and maybe a genioplasty AT BEST. Shaving your bones is not the answer.

For you out there reading this, and still considering jaw surgery, I need to ask: Do you have a problem with your bite? Are you prepared to be unhappy with your results at best, and at worst spend tens of thousands of dollars to -maybe- fix it?

I want to stress that this is not Dr. Lee's fault. I am fully aware now that what I did was completely unnecessary, expensive, and has created such a rift in my life, I have trouble getting out of the bed in the morning. I want to thank everyone who has tried to offer me comforting words through this journey. I won't be returning to this forum I don't think, as it's not healthy for me mentally. My next steps now are trying to find ways to cope with what has happened, and to hopefully, just hopefully, see about getting some lifting done. Even this though may not fix everything. I just hope those who are considering the surgery read this and REALLY consider what they're getting themselves into. Dr. Lee was probably the best, safest option for me, and unfortunately, I was unlucky. So please, please consider the risks in such a surgery. V-line alone has had many cases of sagging and complications, and I don't think for most people it is worth the risks. Thank you.

J Cn

Mar 21, 2013
Thank you for your courage and kindness in sharing your review. I know that you aren't happy with your results but remember that we are our own worst critic and we notice things about ourselves that other people wouldn't notice. I personally do think you look attractive in your after photos (and your before ones too).

I agree with you that people really should think twice before getting surgery, especially DJS.

I hope you manage to find a solution that makes you happy - wishing you the best.


Oct 12, 2018
@sodapops thanks for sharing and sorry that you are unhappy with the results. I actually like your results. Your face is more symmetrical and has a softer, more feminine look than before. Regarding the sagging, unfortunately this is genetics and no surgeon can predict how much sagging you will have post surgery. Also I`m glad that Dr. Lee was conservative and didn`t give you the popular dolly look (xtreme vline) that most girls go for coz sagging would have been the least of your problems.
Regarding the overbite, did a dentist confirm that you have one? From your pics it looks like you had paranasal implants. I had paranasal implants and my midface looked just like yours- it was difficult to smile and when I did I looked like the joker like in the first after pic. My upper lip also had an unnatural volume as a result and my philtrum looked too long.
You could also get in touch with Denyagan, who also had a botched zygoma reduction and sagging and had revision in the US by Dr Eric Payne in Houston.
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Apr 26, 2020
Hi I honestly think in your after results it doesn’t look as bad as you think it is. I actually like your after look. Although I know the problem is the dent you see. It is not as terrible as I have seen others. Please take care of yourself mentally and physically!
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Jul 14, 2016
This is one of the most honest and fair reviews I've seen posted on any site, thank you for sharing this. The things that you discuss like pinning all your hopes in a "fix" based on those magical before/afters, not believing negative side effects could happen to you, not realizing what you had til it's gone are things all of us here considering getting work done need to think seriously about. Good luck and be kind to yourself. Try to practice daily gratitude for what you do have. Personally I think just staying the way you are now is fine, you don't have to do anything else.


Apr 8, 2020
Hello I feel the same way as you except Dr. Oh from Regen is truly evil and caused me a serious medical condition: severe obstructive sleep apnea.
I also had another consultation today and he did the surgery so badly the jaw isn’t even correctable with a normal revision surgery. I’ll need a total joint replacement.

Just stay away from Dr. Oh.
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Jan 15, 2017
Hi, thank you so much for sharing. I also got v-line at TFD then lipo at another clinic 6 months later (I always planned on doing lipo anyway regardless of the v-line). Due to the location of the 'bump' I'm wondering if it's possible that it's your buccal fat. I doubt you would want to do any more soft tissue/bone removal right now - nor am I recommending it, because I don't know better - but I'm curious whether a buccal fat liposuction may address that bump.

I can see the dent in your jawline, I actually think it doesn't look too bad but I can see why you're not happy with it. Have you seen your after surgery bone CT? Was there a dent then?

Also just fyi I found that my swelling was still reducing even after a year post-op. I got my surgery 3 years ago.
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Nov 21, 2019
Hello, I remember reading your post few months back. I'm so sorry you feel this way however honestly, your results aren't as bad as you think. Like someone mentioned, we are our own worst critics. I suggest that you should focus on mental health first before going under or fixing anything. It is important to be in the right state of mind when undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery as it can deteriorate your mental health even more. Post-op depression is a thing...

To be helpful, I've read sagging issues similar to yours on Korean websites and they went for facial lipo (얼굴 지방흡입). They stated that it is common for fat to move down to your jowl or underchin area because there is nowhere for the fat to sit so the conclusion was facial/jaw/chin lipo to fix their problem. Youtubers like sunnydahye, bonqiuqiu, jeongdayun went through jaw/double chin lipo as well after FC to fix their "sag". For major sagging where the skin elasticity is not able to bounce back, they do lipo with thread lift.


Mar 17, 2019
swelling has gone down, but there's a lot of sagging, like a deflated balloon. Not doing well. I am seeing about getting SMAS in the future, but don't know when that will be. I won't be showing pictures any longer, as I fully hate the way I look. It's getting harder in life. Sorry guys