Double heart pendant... too easily scratched?

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to get my other half a Tiffany necklace for her birthday and after browsing through I settled on the double heart pendant in Rubedo metal and silver.

    However, I have seen a few posts saying that it is either too small or too easily scratched. The last thing I want is disappointment in a few months as it’s all scratched up and ruined from general wear.

    My second option was for the Heart tag charm with the blue back.

    Any advice? I like the look of the 1st one more, but worried about this scratching issue

  2. Silver scratches. I have a handful of silver brackets that are pitted and scratched from wear. It’s unavoidable. I’ve purchased that necklace as a gift for family, and it’s really pretty. It is small, but it’s really nice in person. Scratches happen with all jewelry. It just shows that it’s loved.
  3. I prefer the first as well. It’s pretty.
  4. I have seen a lot of posts with people having problems with the blue enamel necklaces - it fading, losing colour, dropping out even. I would go for the first one, I have the double tag necklace and it really doesn’t get the wear bracelets or rings do, it’s barely scratched and I wore it everyday for years until I got a different style one.
  5. I initially spent a lot of money on designer silver years ago when I got into jewellery but I do regret it now and wish I had saved the money for better quality gold or platinum instead, even if it would've meant owning fewer pieces. Silver tarnishes and scratches the easiest. I wouldn't buy it now. But it depends on your budget.