double graduation...need some gift ideas..LOL

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  1. Hello..

    we're having a double graduation in my family, Myself (from University, 3 yr BA) and My mom (for her CGA cetification thingie). I want to get my mom a Louis bag but she wants one that converts from a shoulder to a handheld. She's not really the type to fuss over her bags like care for the vachetta I was thinking the lines of epi or damier (but I don't like damier on her too much..she's very petite and the pattern may be overwhelming and too masculine on her). Any ideas?!?!

    Also..I was thinking for myself as a grad present :yahoo:I want something in the black denim, like the cabbie (which would be good for my mom too actually...)but we'll see how my budget looks..but I was also thinking of mini lin dune speedy but i was looking at pics and does it have a tint of green-ish color in it? or maybe it's just the pics. Can someone give me a better pic (maybe in natural light, like outside). Thanks all!

    BTW, I totally miss you guys! I haven't been posting lots b/c I just finished moving and I've been going between two houses the past couple of weeks. I have internet at my new house now, but my laptop can't find my wireless connection or something, my mom can (but her comp is suuper slow) so I have to wait for my dad to unpack his computer notes to get my internet fixed..crossing my fingers it'll be before this weekend. Annd, I've been renovating my new room, got rid of ugly wallpaper and painted it a nice blue color and ripped of ugly vinyl floors and put in hardwood boyfriend gave me a nice room-warming present that I can't wait to show you guys b/c it does involve LOUIS VUITTON!!! I'm sooo excited, but I gotta wait till i have internet..LOL. I can only log on tpf when I'm at work or at the bf's house! so anyway...I'd appreciate comments and pics from everyone!!!:supacool:
  2. So so happy for both of you and your mom :heart: Congrats :heart:
  3. Congrats for both you and your mom!!! You two certainly deserve a treat!

    The mini lin speedy in dune is sooooo lovely! Very casual but super cute, and it holds the entire world without being heavy at all. Actually, this must be one of the lightest LV bags around!

    I don't find mine to be greenish at all, in fact, it is more cream/beige than anything...and the handles are a beautiful off-white colour. You'll love it lots!
  4. Thanks for the info!! I hope I can see it IRL before I make a decision! i can't wait!

    thanks miss piggy!!
  5. Congrats! You definitely deserve something awesome. I never noticed a greenish tinge to the Mini Lin Dune, it was the first LV I considered buying. It might have a yellowish-creamy colour but definitely no green. What's happening with the Manhattan? :graucho: Any idea about the price of the denim cabby? I like it too!
  6. Congrats to you and your mom!
  7. maybe it's just me then, and when looking at pics sometimes I see green..LOL..i probably need to get my eyes checked.

    ooh..the Manhattan is coming to me next month!! :yahoo: i can't wait! I don't plan on making my next purchases for our gifts either end of the year or early next year. We might be going to Montreal as a treat next year around my b-day so i may pick it up then..unless i get some grad $ and use that to buy the mini lin dune or a new black denim, but I really want my next purchase to be from the boutique so i'm trying to hold off.
  8. Hmm. Okay. For your mom, in terms of damier, maybe the Hampstead PM? I think it could be either shoulder or handheld, and it has the cute plate on the front.

    Oh man, I'm really bad at suggesting bags! Maybe the epi dhanura PM or MM? They have handles and a shoulder strap, so they could go either way.

    Happy graduations!
  9. The Black Denim Cabby is TDF! If I'm not mistaken, it comes with a strap to carry on your shoulder. I can't wait to see it IRL.

    The Mini Lin Dune Speedy is very nice and does not have a hint of green. To me, it looked like a very light taupe color, not beige. I purchased one but returned it the next day.
  10. YAY Jill's almost back lol.

    The only bag I can think of that converts from shoulder to handheld (well it's still shoulder, but "shorter") is the Twin Gm (?) for you mom, but that's mono....

    And as for Denim, sure go for the cabby. and congrats for the Manhattan next month ;)
  11. Thanks Cec! yeah, i'm like dying at home not being able to log on I'm just watching reruns of Friends..LOL. I'm still undecided between mini lin dune speedy and black denim cabby for me...ack..oh well..I have time to dwell on

    alpine, thanks for the suggestion for the hampstead, that might be a good idea, I never thought about that. Also, she might like the new neverfull bags... I don't think she'll do much damage with those, as the patina is only on the handle not on the bottom.
  12. Ooh, the Manhattan will be yours soon! :drool::drool::drool: If that bag ever comes out in damier I will die! Did you already graduate?
  13. damier azur for your mom. maybe a speedy with a strap?
    or the new sunset blvd that transforms from a clutch to a shoulderbag?
  14. What is there to say but congratulations!!!
  15. Well Congratulations.