Double Gaucho or Gaucho...opinions, please!

  1. I have been looking at pics of the Gaucho and Double Gaucho style bags. Unfortunately, I cannot see them in real life. No matter how many pics I see, I cannot get a handle on how large these two bags are. So, I'm coming to the Dior girls. Can anyone give me an idea of the sizes, and other comments? Thanks in advance.
  2. Can't comment about dimensions really but I think they are about the same but the double is just bulky imo. I have the medium gaucho and it's a good size for me.... about 5'5'', 120. I don't really carry a lot though, just wallet, sunnies and cellie usually and that about fills it.
  3. I have the medium one and it fits everything I carry.
    A large one has a strap that is a bit too long for my taste.
  4. I have the gaucho tote (magnetic close-not zip, I always said I wished my zipped :p).

    It's actually too big for me as I only carry a wallet, phone, and keys. I'm 5'4" and thin...I actually prefer to carry it up on my shoulder, sits right under my arm. I don't think it totes too nicely off your forearm unless it's packed with stuff.

    Dimensions: 15"L x 2"W x 9"H; 6" drop handle.

    Personally I think the double gaucho isn't as nice looking, although it depends how heavy you travel.
  5. I like the medium gaucho, the leather on this bag is really great and sturdy, I'm thinking the double might be heavy.