Double Gaucho Fit Over Body??


Jan 22, 2008
I have been needing a black back that can be used as a messenger but also a normal bag for ages and havent come across one that has that extra special finish to it, so im back with the gaucho as i have a meduim in white. So what im wondering is if it can be worn across the body and if its much bigger than the meduim? I am only litle (5ft2") and i dont want it to drown me. so please people help me on your verdicts of the bag!!! Thank you :shrugs:


Nov 14, 2006
The double gaucho has a 29 inches long strap and the medium has 26 inches strap, so you should be able to figure out if you can wear it messenger style if you have the medium :yes:

The bag sizes are - 15'' at widest x 9'' at tallest x 3'' deep for the medium and 14¼'' at widest x 9'' tall at center x 2½'' deep (of one compartment) for the double. personally i find the double a bit overwhelming and too bulky...but who knows you might love it ! Maybe go through Dior and celebrities thread and check for modelling pics? :smile:|1||Product+Code|1&Nu=Product+ID

if you click on zoom, you can choose a pic of a 5ft 6 silhouette modelling the double gaucho).
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Sep 5, 2007
I'm 5'11" and I can wear the Double Saddle as a messenger, but don't think it's very comfortable. I only wear it like that when I'm riding my bike. IMO it looks much better worn over the shoulder, but it is possible to wear messenger style.

As for the size, I have both the Medium and the Double Saddle, and the DS is indeed a lot bulkier than the medium. But that's not really a problem for me because I'm tall. And the DS is not *that* huge, so I think it would look great on you too.

Hope this helps!
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Nov 7, 2007
There is a mini gaucho version with the extra long strap for wearing messenger style. See pics in the Dior thread for pictures - posted by Beautifulbasics I think. However the actual bag itself is quite petite. But would definitely be able to be worn across the body. You may want to enquire whether the extra long strap could be purchased separately - you could then maybe add it to the normal gaucho or double - just a thought...


Bag Lover Downunder
Feb 6, 2008
The double gaucho has a long strap so can be worn messenger style. It's kind of hard to get into though. It's a good size for your height but it depends on how much stuf fyou carry around with you. The mini gaucho might be a good option for you.


Nov 22, 2006
The Gaucho also has an X-Large style which can double as a messenger with a 22-inch drop (can be worn cross-body). This is actually a style of the Gaucho that is on sale at boutiques now (or by the end of May, depending on your Dior boutique). At Holt Renfrew here in Toronto this style is already on sale for 40% off.