Double flap in patent

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  1. Is this considered part of the timeless classic collection up there with lamb and caviar?

    Also I have done several search regarding patent leather and it's durability. It seems consensus that it would be an okay everyday bag but some mentions it will lose the shine overtime and get dimples. Is that correct?
  2. Patent if in one of the classic handbags is no different than caviar or lamb skin. It is not the material that makes it a classic , it is the style.
    Everyone has their own opinion on the leathers. Some people ( like me 😀 ) love patent leather. Others hate it. I have many Chanel patent items both handbags and shoes and many years later they all still look new. I think Chanel does patent beautifully!
  3. Love patent leather, as a matter of fact my patent leather Chanel is the only bag in my classic collection which has the divinely high-end leather aroma and is the most well-made and made in France
  4. Okay so it is not true that they are bound to crack or get dull over the years? Also do any of you know if the quilting will lose the puffiness over time?
  5. I cannot answer for everyone but some of my patent Chanel's are over 3 years old and still as puffy and shiny and new smelling as day I purchased them. I have patent Chanel shoes from 2007 and 2008 that I wear constantly and still look new too.
    I have never had color transfer or cracking.
    I wouldn't buy a white patent though as I hear it can yellow over time . Mine are in blues , fuchsia and black.
  6. My friend uses her black patent maxi with silver hardware as her everyday bag. It looks great and she is not gentle with her bags.