Double Flap Bag in Patent Leather!


Metallic Navy or Red Patent

  1. Red

  2. Navy

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  1. Hi All,

    At last. I found my favorite forum. Chanel Chanel Chanel. Can not get enought :yes: :yes:

    I'm hoping to get some feedback for my about my to be next purchase.

    I love the 2006 Patent Leather Double Flap bag very much but I'm toying between two colors: Rusty (organe red) or Navy one.

    Thank you for any help.
    navyone.jpg redone.jpg
  2. I like the red!
  3. Hard decision, going to vote for the Navy
  4. I voted red, I can see more detail in it!
    Welcome BTW!

    What's the retail on this swanky number?
  5. red!! red patent is gorgeous! i would also like to know the price. i have been on the phone all morning trying to track a pink caviar flap to no avail! =(

    i fell in love with the red patent when i first saw it on the site.
  6. Please help me! I'm in love with this bag! I called Chanel and they dont know what I'm talking about! Have you seen this bag anywhere? Thanks!
  7. I love it in red!
  8. I will go for the Navy one ..
  9. the red one is to die for!!! :love: how much is the retail?
  10. oh my gosh.. isadora: your puppy is soooooooooooo gorgeous!!! (Goldie ??)

    iluvchanel: i would normally go for red unequivocally... but the navy is soooo yumm.. so luxe.. so classy! i think the red in the lambskin is much nicer..... patent is a little plastic in the red for me...
  11. I love the red. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Thank you all for your feedbacks. I think the red is WOW but then I have already own a mini classic flap in red caviar. THe red is really dress you up. Should I get another red? Then I like navy too. It's like another black. Anyway I have them on hold & I'll have to make up my mind tonite.

    These bags come in two sizes. The smaller size as in the red is $1800 + and the bigger size like the navy is $2100 +. THe leather is patent calfskin. If you call the Chanel's 800, tell them it's a Patent Double Flap Bag from 2006 Cruise Collection.
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