Double Eyelid Surgery, Epi, Lateral - Master Thread

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  1. Anybody has gone there to do your double eyelid surgery?
    I'm going there next year February to do it! But I'm a little afraid...
    I just wanna know more opinions about this clinic and see more sastified before and after photos of your eyes ! :dothewave:
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  2. I've never heard of this clinic before, but if you've gone for a consultation with the surgeon and feel confident in his ability then go for it! Don't be scared.. Double eyelid surgery isn't as big of a procedure as you think. I know before I had the surgery, I was so anxious and there were so many questions racing through my mind.. Like what if something goes wrong or what if it hurts and so on... But it isn't that bad! Just make sure you tell your surgeon exactly what type of crease you want beforehand, like a high, medium or low crease. And whether you want an infold or outfold, and what shape you want, like parallel or tapered.
  3. Hi, are still going in feb? I'll be there w my Korean friend to do eyelid and nose surgery. 2/18-3/7
  4. Thank you so much !
  5. I'm going on 14th feb to 23rd feb !
    Which hotel will you be staying in?
  6. Hi Dear Members,

    Altough eyelid surgery maybe a minor surgery, but geniue research before having your surgery is very important. One simple mistake from a poor skill doctor will ruined your entilte features, sometimes its not about the cost getting expensive for revision work. Its revision work maybe more complicated hence many people here may not get the best result from revision work compare to simple primary surgery.

    personally i have 2 friends who did their eyelid and nose surgery unsatisfied from Itemclinic, even though their doctor claims themselve from Bk hospital. I heard from their itemclinic doctor past experience in bk hospital not more than 4 years only. So i think 4yrs experience is not consider even a senior position, should be JUNIOR doctor.
  7. Oh no... But I've already paid for the surgery...
    Is the result done on your two friends eyes really very bad?
    Im so nervous now as the days comes closer...
  8. I rented an apt on airbnb. It's 5 minutes from dongdaemun and close to line 2,4,6. Pm me or email me
  9. oh....really??? i need to keep this info...
  10. lianlian1991, don't freakout. Jorries's post is a little suspect. PM and I'll explain
  11. How do I PM you?
  12. Anyone heard of Pitangui Medical & Beauty clinic? i emailed them about the cost of double eyelid surgery, it is really cheap. double eyelid + ptosis correction USD1600 and banobagi USD3600. The consultant told me they offer the same rate as locals.
    I am not sure how good is the doctor Yoo Je-seong?
  13. anybody research Lima Peru for surgeries? cheaper...
  14. I saw the before and after pics on their website is pretty good!

    Did you go for consultation with other clinics? It's better to have a few before you decide.

    Are you going to do double eyelid surgery the first time? Make sure you communicate with the doctor exactly what you want.

  15. Agreed. I had eyelid surgery done 5 years ago. When I went back to clean stitches doctor asked me if I like it... Even I was swollen, i can tell my eyes were not as Big as I wanted... He said " you want your eyes bigger" ... He didn't know...? He just thought I wanted double eyelid.... i think its best to bring a picture to avoid misunderstanding.