Double eyelid surgery and Rhinoplasty at Ruby Plastic Surgery

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Aug 30, 2020
About a month ago I got my plastic surgery at Ruby Plastic Surgery Clinic. It was my first time getting plastic surgery so I was very nervous and worried. I did a consultation with Dr.Hu and had a specific and reasonable consultation with him, which made me decide to choose Ruby Plastic.

The facilities at Ruby were very good and modern. I also appreciated the responsibility and attitude of staff. They were enthusiastic, thoughtful and took care of myself so well. The clinic even had translator so that I could easily communicate with medical staffs.

I have undergone Double eyelid and Rhinoplasty surgery. Until now, my condition is good and I don't feel any pain or have uncomfortable feelings. I am satisfied with my result it looks quite natural. I still need to wait for a few months to get the best look but I am already happy with my appearance. Thank you Ruby Plastic surgery and Dr.Hu!

Here is my after photo! hope it helps with your surgery and clinic decision!

After surgery.jpg


Feb 2, 2020
You look fresh & lovely. Your nose has a graceful slope & the bridge is small. Your eyelids are nicely done & not overly done. Enjoy your new results. You look fabulous, don't forget to smile plenty. : )

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Jan 7, 2021
can you share more about your double eyelid surgery? and if you dont mind sharing, how much did you pay for it?