Double Eyelid Glue for Asian Eyes

  1. If you have single-lid asian eyes you probably know what I'm talking about. I used to use those double eyelid clear tapes, but now I'm moving onto the gel/glue. I bought a bottle from Eye Talk this weekend. There were so many different brands and variations. I was so confused. The one I got from Eye Talk is a blue bottle, and the store lady said it's the most popular, it comes out white and dries clear, and it's waterproof. Have any of you tried eyelid gels/glues? Any recommendations or warnings?
  2. I don't think it is a great idea to use the glue. I think you should save your money and try for laser cosmetic surgery which didn't cause lot of pain.

    Luckily I have double lids :smile: ..... Sometimes I think single-lid looks great.
  3. She's right. Sometimes that's the feature that looks best on the girl. But nevertheless, whatever you decide to do, I think the glue does sound kind of painful and I'd be really scared of pulling off my eyelashes if I accidentally got glue on them. My friend used to use the tape and it worked for her. You couldn't really tell she had it on unless you looked at it really close. Plus she used colored ones so they actually looked like eyeliner which was an added bonus.
  4. I was also debating about purchasing this product but was warned that putting this glue on your eye stretches out the skin in that area when you blink. So the long term result is droopy skin around the area.
  5. hey Ive been looking for the eyelid glue.
    I also live in NY,NY. Where did you purchase it?
    reply will be greatly appreciated!
    thanks= )
  6. I use Eye Talk but only ask glue for fake lashes. I've tried using it for the eyelids but don't find them that effective. That's my 2 cents :smile:
  7. I;ve used this eye glue from japan before, I didnt like the results. It's uncomfortable to blink and my mom told me to stop using it because you never know what might happen if it gets into your eyes. I have one eyelid thats double and the other isnt...its annoying. I'd save the money and go with surgery too, it'll look more natural and you wont have to mess with the gets eevrywhere!
  8. Ooh, I think Asian eyes are soo pretty with the single eyelid. Part of the appeal to me!

    Just wanted to add my 2c. :smile:
  9. Eh I think you should just work with what you have. Single eyelids aren't ugly or anything, so don't feel like you have to change yourself to look beautiful. I'm sure you look just gorgeous with a single eyelid. :yes: I have a crease (double eyelid) but I don't think it's that special lol.
  10. I have a crease as well, and I have to say that sometimes I love the way bright colored shadow looks on single lids. I guess the grass is always greener...
  11. I was born with imperfect eyes, a single eyelid on one and a double on the other, it was hereditary, my dad had it, and an uncle had it. One day in my late 20s the single eyelid became a double, maybe it did gradually but I didn't notice. I've always applied eyeshadow differently to each lid using same colors. From experience, both are truly beautiful, single eyelid is much easier to apply eyecolors to, and won't have major smudging problems. To have one single and one double, that's just freaky. :wtf:

    Oh back in the day when my eyes were freaky, I did use a tape on the single lid one. First it was ok for special occasions and model shoots. Then the lid started to resent the glue, so I went without.
  12. I had single eyelids and I underwent a blespharoplasty (eyelid surgery) after my senior year, before entering college. My lids were so stubborn (when they were single) and I tried everything and nothing would make them double--not even temporarily, with tape or glue! The surgery is worth it if your eyelids really bother you and surgically changing it would boost your confidence. I really like it :biggrin:
  13. People GLUE their eyelids? I'm Asian, I have double-eyelids, but if I didn't, I wouldn't dream of gluing them. I agree with priin, work with what you have...
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  14. I have single eye lid, and i use the glue daily! the eye talk that i use is not the blue bottle, is green-ish? call clear eye talk - comes out clear, dries clear.

    When i use the glue, i wait for it to dry half way on lids, then push eyelid inwards/upwards (according to your crease) with the Y-shape [SIZE=-1]stick. It doesn't work well when the glue dries completely.

    [/SIZE]I find using the glue easier than tape, the tape is a bit too obvious when I blink. Just wondering which double eyelid clear tapes brand do you use? :smile:
  15. Actually eyelid glue does end up screwing the skin up, like... it 'loosens' it. Oh I don't know how to explain. Basically, you're stretching parts of the lid to make a crease and gluing it together, which will cause the skin to stretch.

    I have double eyelids, I admit I use the tape sometimes. See, sometimes my left eye just goes into a single, but because mine are so big, it's really obvious when one eye is double and one eye is single. Like people start saying 'woah, your left eye is way smaller than your right eye! I never noticed!' and it bugs me. So I put the tape on the left eye sometimes when I go to bed and I wake up with both double eyelids.