Double Duty: Gym Bag and Occassional Weekender?

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  1. This is my first post in the Coach forums, as i am usually an LV guy. I am wanting to purchase a bag that could be used as a gym bag nearly everyday and occasionaly a small duffle to hold ipod, etc. What would you suggest? I am considering the Heritage Stripe Tote. I know its outside is durable, but how bout the lining? Daily it would need to hold a t-shirt, thin shorts, iphone, wallet and my ipod. Would it hold smells? Is the lining washable? Or would a bag in a darker color resist stains more? Thanks for you help! (Sorry for the huge amout of questions!)

    P.S. - What happened to the large duffle on the Coach website? (Not the purse.) It had the big C's and the stripe! I can't find it. I thought that would do the trick! I haven't been on the website in a few months, so i might have been discontined. Lol...

    TIA... Berry Craig :yes:
  2. Bump... :confused1:
    Please help!
  3. There are some great Signatre bags at the outlet that are considered the travel line. I would try to see if they worked for you. I use the large sig/vachetta tote for a baby bag and spilled a cup of milk in it and it wiped right up.

  4. Thanks! Do you think the Sig Stripe tote would work? I really like it! :tup:
  5. Sorry! I meant the Heritage stripe tote! It's outside is very durable right?
  6. heritage stripe tote is very durable, its coated canvas so if something spills it wipes right off, but i really dont think it would work as a gym bag
  7. I just want something that would fit a change of shirt and shorts... Would it fit? (I shower after I run so smells aren't a problem...) Hows the lining? Is it thin or thick? I might also use it to hold wallet, keys, ipod, and cell phone occassionally...