double christmas brake-up cured by Vuitton

When I got my speedy 30 ebene two weeks a go my best friend was green of jealousy, she wanted one more than anything. Yesterdaymorning she woke me up by calling me and asked me 'can we pleassse, pretty please go to the Louis Vuitton store?'. So yeah instead of visiting my boyfriend I went to Brussels with her. We bought her the speedy ebene 25, the Elise walet she wanted was sold out :sad:. We where both so happy, had a great day of shopping and eating out...

This christmas morning just turned into a nightmare... She busted her boyfriend with some other girl and my boyfriend just broke up with me saying I'm not spending enough time with him. She was here a couple of hours a go, crying and crying... 'luckily we went to Vuitton yesterday' she said, 'at least we still have something to smile about'...

Is there a curse on the bags or something? Hopefully this nightmare ends soon :sad:


Nov 6, 2011
IMO the is no curse. You guys need a lot better boyfriends.
A good man would have understood all that joy and fun spending LV day for a friend.
No good man breaks up with you right before x-mas.
Is good man is happy for his woman beeing happy, cause it always leeds to fun for the good man too!


Lovin My Sons & Dogs
Aug 1, 2011
Nope, no curse from LV, just bad boyfriends. It's ok girl, it happens to the best of us:smile: keep your heads high & be your ever-loving LV self & the right one will see your impeccable taste & appreciate it!! Be happy you have LV & a friend who loves LV! Merry Christmas


Jan 9, 2011
Breaking up before Christmas is just awful.. its not a curse, their just selfish. Go on a girls night out with your gf itll make you both feel better and rock those LVs. Hopefully 2012 will bring happiness to you both, and more LVS


Apr 21, 2011
Aw I'm sorry. Too bad for them, they're missing out on two wonderful girls. Plus, no need to waste time on bad boyfriends. You guys deserve better! Merry Christmas!!