Double chin? cool sculpt or lipo?

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  1. I went through a major weight gain of 70 lbs a couple of years ago. I lost all of the weight through diet and exercise (weight lifting and cardio). I continue to eat a low calorie diet and exercise 3-4 days a week, with one day per week with a trainer. However, I have a double chin that will not disappear with weight loss. It makes me look heavy when I am actually thin. I avoid letting people take photos of me now. I decided to find a procedure to get rid of it that will work for me. I went to a cosmetic clinic this week and I met with a consultant to ask about Kybella injections. They advised me to go with cool sculpting mini and said I would only need one treatment. I've done reading online about cool sculpting the double chin and it looks like some people got results but I am still skeptical? The cost is affordable and the ability to go back to work with no down time is appealing. I wonder if I should meet with an actual cosmetic Doctor now for a second opinion rather than a consultant and ask about chin/neck liposuction? I know lipo will cost more and I would have to use my vacation time for recovery rather than going on a trip I planned to go on. So it would be a real inconvenience. I want reliable results though, especially for the high cost cool sculpting and lipo have.
  2. I too am considering the mini coolsculpt for chin. My doc had it done and her results were really good.
  3. Hey OneElement! I noticed that you're from Toronto too! I have quite a bit of experience with nonsurgical liposuction so I'm glad to give you some advice haha!

    I had CoolSculpting done on my stomach area as I found it impossible to shed the little excess flab on my tummy (I'm naturally fairly thin, I just felt like my stomach wasn't completely flat).

    My mom actually got Belkyra/ Kybella injections for her doublechin which realllyy worked. It is kind of like getting botox under your chin and breaks down the fat cells in the targeted area. Definitely look into it. We both always go to a clinic in Yorkville (I'm not affiliated or anything, we just go there for everything haha!) that I can recommend if you'd like.

    Feel free to shoot me any questions and I can help you out from my personal experience! :P
  4. Bumping this thread because I'm researching different approaches to dealing with my waddle.

    Anyone else have any experience with getting their double chin fixed?
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  5. I remember reading on Realself that getting multiple treatments of Coolsculpting does not yield better results as the initial one. I have also heard about Laser Liposuction that apparently works wonders. There is a video on YT of a girl who had the procedure (laser lipo) done and explains the procedure and after care, etc.
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  6. Would love to hear of other's experiences with the double chin treatments. I'm checking out different options, myself & would love to hear someone's personal experience.
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  7. I'm researching Kybella, CoolMini and Lipo right now. The first two have very uneven reviews, but are cheaper and non-invasive. Lipo seems like the sure thing, but it's pricey and seems like it has more down time. CoolMini works only on specific issues - like you either fit the patient model or not.
  8. Did you end up doing a treatment? My doc said that cool sculpting was the cheaper than Kybella. At least with her.
    I haven't confirmed the price though, and am going back next week to see if I'm a good candidate.
  9. I went in for my consultation today and they said I'm a good candidate for CoolSculpting for my double chin. I believe the docs and nurses are really knowledgable and talented there, but they weren't all that forthcoming with info. They were kind of like "Yes, you are a good fit. it's $850. Want to make an appointment?" Hahaha. I then asked a bunch of questions, of course. I'm definitely going to think about it and do a little more research.
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  10. Well...$850 is cheaper than the $1200 per session Kybella. Did they say how many treatments you would require? I was told I would need a minimum of 2 Kybella treatments 8 weeks apart. Plus, there's the bullfrog neck swelling that can last up to 3 weeks. I'm still thinking....
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  11. She said we could see how the first one went, and do another if necessary. Again, she wasn't all that forthcoming. I was just reading that on very rare occasions, the procedure doesn't work and can actually make the problem area a little worse. For you use a ps rather than a derm, they can repair it with lipo. With a derm, you're just kind of stuck.

    So, I am going to have a consult with a proper PS, I think.
  12. The bullfrog effect is horrifying to me, btw. I know I'd survive it, but ugh!!!
  13. Yeah, that part worries me.
  14. Did they measure you for CoolMini?
  15. No, we didn't talk about that. but it's an option for us to discuss. I'm still doing some research. I've read some real horror stories about the Kybella.