Double C Rhinestone Earings...made of???

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  1. Does anyone know what the metal used in the famous double c rhinestone earings is? Specifically the posts? I know it isn't anything great because it is costume jewellery... but yesterday when I took my earings out my ears were blackish/green and today they are kind of bothering me (don't have the earings in)...but seeing as I'm allergic to alot of things I want to figure out if I'm allergic to the material or if it was just some kind of acidity thing. They're so pretty...sigh. :crybaby:
  2. They are just a base metal I am sure. Not sterling or anything like that. Call the 800-chanel number i am sure they would know.
  3. I went to the chanel boutique in soho last week and inquired about the earrings because I had found a cute pair i wanted to buy...but the lady was only able to specify it being "base metal"...i'm allergic to nickel and she wasn't able to tell me if nickel is specifically in there, unfortunately. however, nickel allergies are fairly common, so maybe thats what it is? good luck!