Double C Chanel Earrings

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  1. Does anybody know how much the chanel cc earrings are? Thanks
  2. Just got them at Saks $225.
  3. I bought a pair in Paris last week for 150 euro.
  4. I bought them in sydney for $AU260(ish)
  5. WHICH ones?
    I got the black enamel ones today for 275
  6. it depends on the size, I know the small goes for $195 n medium for $225
  7. Can someone post pictures of them? I have been looking for the big CC earrings for awhile...
  8. mine were $210
  9. Does anyone has the latest price in euro for the earrings? crystal, black enamel, or pearl ones... Is it easy to get them in Paris chanel stores or do they usually go out of stock?
  10. saw one today at bloomies NYC, the pair I saw pretty big~~ ddint check on the price because I am looking for a smaller one and the SA told me that one is discontinue~~ sad
  11. Shucks... Am looking for the smaller ones too :/

  12. [​IMG]

    £140.00 + £10.00 postage ! London Bond St

  13. I know, right~~ the smaller one looks a lot better~~ one of my firend got the big one, I just dont like it when I saw it!!
  14. The black/silver ones are 265
  15. Any ideas where these might be sold?