Double Bubble

  1. Hi ladies...i was wondering why the leather on one side of a Fendi Zucca looks more bubbly than on the other side of the exact same bag? I see this in mine, as well as brand new ones in stores.............
  2. You know I was thinking the same thing, but not about the zucca. I was just examining my spy and noticed how it bubbles differently everywhere, and in some places it doesn't bubble at all! I was so busy being in love with it I didn't quite consider the fact that I'd gave liked it more bubbly. I'm thinking of exchanging it, not sure if I should.

    So to answer your question, I would assume that they're all made differently, some more bubbly than others.

    ps- sleeping w/a bag? I do that with my spy:biggrin:
  3. i think it's part of the charm of the spy myself--it's completely normal. When I was picking out my baby spy, though, i did have them pull out three different ones so i could pick the one with optimal bubbliness.