Double B-day surprise: Violet Twiggy and Jaune Day!

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  1. Soooo, today is my b-day, and Kim from BalNY calls me to tell me that my Violet Twiggy is in - what a coincidence, huh?.....I'm sooooo excited that I leave work early to head over to pick her up. When I get there, Kim walks out carrying a Jaune Day over her shoulder and says, "Look what else we got in!" Well, let's just say that she couldn't have timed it any better!

    I just absolutely adore violet: a rich, vibrant blue-purple. :heart: I'm sure I can wear it with everything. Jaune is a little darker than I expected, but I'm hoping it will grow on me since it's such an unusual and interesting color.

  2. OMG, I really love the jaune day ... that color is so gorgeous! I can't see pics of the violet twiggy but I'm sure it's just as gorgeous as well. Congrats on both of your new Bbags ... I want these colors as well!
  3. Oh wow!!!! Your bags are TDF!! I'm waitlisted for bags in these two colors and can't wait! Congrats on your purchases. :tup:
  4. WOW - darn it - now i have to get something in JAUNE!!!
  5. An absolutely gorgeous, stunning color collection. It is such a fantastic feeling when you get an amazing Bbag, in your case two! These are two HOT colors! Enjoy :smile:
  6. The leather is just unbelieveable on both of your bags! Love them!
  7. OMG.... the leather on those two...!!! :love: you lucky girl you...!!!
  8. :heart:Wow Lovely.

    I have a daybag with giant silver....I love mine.
  9. congrats on both bags!! they both look awesome!!
  10. THICK and AMAZING jaune and violet!
  11. Thank you for all the lovely compliments, ladies! :heart::heart: Er, I didn't notice until now, but please excuse the dirty door in my modeling pics. I really need to start cleaning....
  12. the twiggy looks amazing and it looks great on you! i bet those purchases made your birthday even better! :p
  13. WOW!!!! Lucky you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love both the colors and the leather is TDF. Thanks for posting modeling pics too. Can't wait to get my violet.
  14. Both are gorgeous! Congratulations!!
  15. :drinkup: first of, happy birthday!:balloon:

    what beautiful presents you have there. enjoy them!