Double Accordion Wallet colors

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  1. Aside from the cobalt, carnelian, black, and cognac listed on the website, anyone know what other colors this is available in right now? I ordered it in the carnelian but really don't like the color. It's more coral than red. I want to return it and exchange it for a different color, but want to know which colors are available before I head to the FP store because some of the SAs there aren't so knowledgeable and just check the website to see what colors there are. If it's not listed on there, they say it's not available.

    Also, if I go in with the wallet I have and they don't have something in stock at the FP store, can I exchange it for something in stock at JAX and have it shipped to me?
  2. These were posted in the 2012 fall thread. No clue if they are all avail yet.

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  3. The Ultraviolet is available. I just ordered it yesterday with PCE.

    And yes the store can order it from JAX and have it shipped to you.
  4. Do you know what are the inside colors of the UV double zip wallet? Is it tan / brown like the cobalt one? Thanks
  5. My UV turn lock wallet is purple inside. Not sure if it is the same on the double zip tho...
  6. I would assume the same as the other UV bags and accessories: a dark graphite/gray color. Unless it is all leather inside. I'll post pics once it arrives. Still awaiting shipping confirmation though I did confirm it is in stock at JAX. JAX is just slow these days in shipping items out. Last week I waited 4 days for my Fuchsia Slim wallet to ship.
  7. An SA at JAX said the uv is the tanish brown color inside.
  8. I got the shipping notice for mine today. It will be here on Thurs and I'll take pics.
  9. My UV Double Accordion wallet arrived today. As per usual JAX didn't know what they were talking about. :P

    It's got a combination UV leather & matching nylon interior. No ugly tan brown color, thank goodness. :smile:

  10. Yea! Looks just like my turnlock UV inside.
  11. ^^ That UV is absolutely *beautiful*. Wow.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Congrats! Nice color. I think the original colors had the tan lining. I know my carnelian does.
  14. Does anyone have an item # for the UV wallet - I need a wallet for my duffle. Thank you
  15. Never mind saw the # at beginning of post