"dotty" over new ponytail scarf #98532

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  1. Just got this Saturday to go with my penolope shopper in cobalt. It is a weird color to match so I hope this looks like it "goes". Does anyone else have this fun scarf? What other colors do you match it with? I am loving my purse, but I guess deep down inside I am ready for spring and this makes it look more colorful.

  2. I have this scarf.
    LOVE it, it's so darn cute.

    It looks awesome on Penelope!
  3. I have this one and LOVE it too! I have it on my teal Sabrina and it is perfect. Looks good on my navy patent ergo satchel too. Looks great on the cobalt!
  4. I bet it IS beautiful on the teal......hmmm, will have to find a teal bag next. or maybe something in the lime green for spring....thanks!
  5. I think it looks BEAUTIFUL on your Penelope! Adds some color ;)!
  6. It works!
  7. That scarf is absolutely adorable and it looks great against the cobalt.
  8. I don't have it but I absolutely adore it! Looks gorgeous on your bag! Congrats!
  9. thank you all for the comments! Here is to all the colorful bags out there....:woohoo:Bring on spring!
  10. I have it and I love it! It's adorable.
    Sometimes I put it on my sig Carly. It looks cute!
    Makes a great headband.
  11. i have this scarf and love it.........looks great on your bag.
  12. love it! I really hope to get the shopper in black, but I have to wait until it hits the outlets :smile: Until then, I have the wristlet to hold me over
  13. As soon as I saw that scarf on Mokey's Sabrina, I had to have it! I never even noticed it on the website, and I saw her pic and was like "what IS that scarf?!" Its adorable, and I think it will go with so many bags, now and into the spring and summer. Plus Ive always been a sucker for polka dots! It looks perfect on your bag, too.:tup:
  14. I really like this scarf and it looks fabulous on your bag! What a great choice!
  15. Very cute scarf! And you've tied such a nice bow. :tup: