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  1. What do the little colored dots mean where each person's name is?
  2. below their name?
    If you hover your mouse over it, it probably tells you - usually online or offline.
  3. Thanks - I am quite computer illiterate. Still waiting to learn how to post a pic of my bags!
  4. did that answer your question?

    To post pics, click on 'Post Reply' not Quick Reply or the same thing when you start your own thread, scroll all the way down, past your text box and there's a 'Manage Attachments' button, use it to attach photos.
  5. Thanks again : )
  6. LMK if you need more help w/ pics ;)
  7. I think I did it - I PM'd Vlad to be sure but have not heard back from him.
  8. Vlad gets very busy . . . you can copy me the PM if you like, I'll get to my PM's tonight! ;)
  9. haha I always wondered what that dot was for... lol glad I read this topic lol (:
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