Dots or Saffiano Tote Help me choose please.

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  1. Ok since I cannot figure out how to add this to my other post. Please give opinions between these two. MK tote is out.

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  2. Saffiano love red. I could not put this bag down once I put it on. The color is gorgeous. But, to me the dots is beautiful, but a more casual bag. I think the safe can be dressed up more.
  3. I think it really depends on how you intend to carry it and your overall style. I really love the dots but I do think it might be more limiting. If you dress casually and intend to use it that way, I think it's adorable. However, I think the saffiano is far more versatile and that you can carry it pretty much everywhere without an issue. Tough choice!
  4. The thing is, the first bag you were drawn to is the dot. Don't get the saffiano just because people are telling you to. But...the saffiano probably will go with more. I would think that you would have to wear mostly solid colors to carry the dot. The dot is adorable and more special. I think it is more casual. I think it would look fantastic with jeans.
  5. +1
  6. The love red. It looks like a bag you'd go back to even years from now while the dot bag looks maybe a little trendy.
  7. Saff with dotted accessories
  8. +1! Plus I saffiano is so durable!

  9. This!
  10. +1, best of both worlds!
  11. Saff with dots accessories!! That is what I did-best of both worlds!! I did the blue dots but I want a mini skinny in the red, I think. Coordinates beautiful with cornflower phoebe and Saff Navy Tote!!
  12. I personally prefer the dots but if you're a trend concious person, obviously the solid color would be your best bet in the long run. I am not. I like what I like no matter what or where I am but that's me. For you, I would go with the bag that makes you smile the biggest. You'll never be sorry if you listen to your smile. Both are beautiful. Good Luck!
  13. Love red saff. tote with the dotted accessories like other tPf'er suggested.
  14. I'm rather practical with my bag choices. I never resell them. I either donate them or give them to my friends when I want to update a style or color. I don't usually go for trendy. If I do it's in a smaller purchase like a wallet or wristlet. Having said that, Saffiano Tote for sure. If you hold onto them like I do then Saffiano is the best bet.

    Although the dots are fun, you probably won't carry it much after this year because something else that's just as fun will come along next year.
  15. I like the saff.....more classy. :smile: