dot flats

  1. i know there have been quite a few of us looking for the dot flats in recent months.
    there are quite a few on eBay right now, in a few different sizes.
    in case anyone wants to know. (just don't buy the 8.5's. ;))
  2. ughhhh so tempting!
  3. Thanks for letting us know! I haven't looked for those in a while, so I'll have to take a look!:smile:
  4. AND i saw a few pairs of the heels, too...
    cheap shoes on eBay+me=spending WAY too much money...
  5. also has them, though I think they're still kinda pricey on there.
  6. yeah, i know.
    but i think last time these shoes came up, everybody needed the bigger sizes.
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