Dose Coach Have a Medium Python HOBO?

  1. Ok, LOVELY Ladies, Need your help
    I already have the coach signature small hobo,in khaki and chocolate, The one kinda moon shaped?? Not sure of the whole name, Any how, I would love to get a medium Black signature Hobo, the one that has a metallic sheen, with the gray python strap, I found a small, (That would be a little small for me in the winter) But can not find a med, Dose it even exist,?? Please tell me it dose, ... Thank You Pro's in advance
  2. Thanks ladies, the smaller one I am looking at now, but I think the large may be too large, I think I am going to bid on the smaller, Its just that med would be PERFECT, Thanks for going to the trouble of looking, If anyone finds out if there is a med, Still post, Because you know how eBay is some one might want it way more. $$$$$$$$$