Dosan Park Hermes in Seoul Korea

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  1. New hermes store in Store, open in Spring 2007.
    dosan1.jpg do2.jpg do3.jpg do4.jpg do5.jpg
  2. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Oh wow the store looks amazing! I have to visit next time I'm in Seoul:yes:
  4. Seoul is definitely one of my must-visit-country in my book. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Wow... Thanks for the info!
  6. Beautiful pictures, birkinlover. :smile: Once again, thank you for sharing. :smile:
  7. Enjoyed...thank you for sharing!
  8. Great pics!!!
  9. thanks. did you go?
  10. i've been there....they even have a 'cafe Hermes' downstairs. all chinas they used were 'Hermes'.. beautiful place to visit!
  11. Something to share. I was at Hermes Donsan Park yesterday at 7pm. I browsed around and asked for any birkins or kellys. I was told they can offer a birkin or kelly if i buy other stuff for the same value as the bag. I finally decided on either a diamond watch or diamond ring ( not my favourite but for the bag) . They showed me the colour chart of a kelly and a birkin that they have in store. I asked to see the physical bag. Awarkedly, i was unsure of the two and rose jaipur. It was strikingly bright and sweet. We decided to put on hold the purchase...we were hungry and its already 8pm. Bluntly, we were told we have to buy now and we couldnt come back the next day..they closed at 8pm. Sad ..I felt apologetic but we couldnt make the purchase hastily especially when I am unsure about the 2 colours, besides i have to purchase a 10k watch or ring to be entitled to buy the bag.:banned:
  12. How rude is that ? They sound like some Chinese hawkers when they threaten you after you've bargained and walk away. This is H and they should never give you a conditional offer. Buy this and get that especially this is over $10K.
  13. that's just sad to hear. Glad you didn't make a hasty decision despite it being to tempting to be offered a bag.

    but on the other hand....the store only 'requested' you to spend as much as a bag on other items, which is approx $10k. Comparatively (with other stores in Asia), that is a really small number where often in other stores you may need to add one more zero behind it.
  14. Sad but Jadeite is right.
  15. what a rip off