Dorset Tote

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  1. Reveals please when they arrive, I'm considering a medium black one but need to save some pennies first. I like to lug a lot of stuff around though so slightly worried about the handles.
  2. Hummmn - I reserve my judgement too - especially as it is one of the "cheaper" bags (relatively speaking!!!)...:smile:
  3. The Dorset tote looks great, can't wait to see the reveals!!
  4. Mine arrives on Monday for DH to collect! Unfortunately I will be on call! :sad: but it could be quiet..... Hehe.
  5. It looks great, I am planning my second Mulberry purchase and was thinking of the Dorset tote because I can use it for university as it is so large. I am off to Bluewater tonight to have a look.
  6. I went to check out the Dorset tote in store yesterday and must admit I was really put off. It's very slouchy, thin leather and I would be worried filling it with anything fairly heavy for that reason. I don't get the impression it's built to last.

    Fell completely head over heels with the black forest Del Rey though. Absolutely beautiful.
  7. Oh dear!! I hope I am not disappointed :sad:
  8. You are right. See my review here
  9. I went to check it out today and i'm in love with it. It is extremely lightweight and will definitely slouch, the handles are thin so will definitely dig into your shoulders if you carry lots of stuff :sad:

    It's a very good price point and the leather is buttery smooth, definitely a tote bag worth checking out. Ideal for anyone who dislikes the structured totes that are everywhere these days.
  10. I am going to get the Dorset tote medium in oak ready for the autumn. I do not tend to carry much in my mulberry bags so for me it should be fine. Nice to some good things about it - let us know if you get one.
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