Dorset Tote

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I've just had an email to say that the new Dorset Tote is in... I'm sooo tempted!

    I love the Forest Fruits Colour - can you guys tell me what your opinion is on the bag - classic or not?

    Thanks x
  2. Looks lovely the colour is nice, yes i would say its classic. :smile:
  3. I spotted this earlier. I love the forest fruits colour but I am looking for a white summer tote so will be getting that one. Goodness knows why though with this weather, a bit of me is wondering if it's really worth buying a white bag because I will get to use it for such a short season. I think it looks really useful and the price is good though which is in its favour.I would want to see it in store though to make sure it feels sturdy. I am a bit suspicious because the price is relatively low. Howcrazy does that sound?
  4. Yes ive just looked at it again and was going to say the handles dont look as strong to me just a thought dont want to put any one off. :thinking:
  5. Thanks guys :smile:

    Indeed I feel a little bit suspicious too since it's quite a big bag for the price! I may hold off until someone posts a reveal? Hmm!

    I'm not sure that I would go for the white personally! I'd be so worried about getting it dirty but that's just my opinion - let me know if you get one :smile: xx
  6. I might manage a trip to Leeds this week so will see if it's in store. I'm not too botherd about the colour, I'm quite careful. I am wary of the price and quality and the rubbish weather we are having. If I had it now I would have been able to use it for 2 weeks so far this year and I doubt I would use it beyond Sept. Is it worth it?

    Hope someone does a reveal or a report having handled one in store.
  7. That is what worries me. The idea of the bag is lovely, but those handles worry me and I wonder if the whole bag is going to go a bit saggy. The price point suggests it may not be that sturdy. Need to see IRL.
  8. Yes very :true:
    Someone need to take a look if they can would be very helpful. :smile:
  9. I saw the Dorset Tote in store today. I don't know if they had others, but I had a look at the medium in black.

    The bag is VERY lightweight. The leather is thin as are the handles. I got a feeling that it will slouch easily. The bag did feel well made though. If it is a real workhorse then I think the fact that it's lightweight and holds a lot is only a good thing. I looked at it for a minute or so, so can't say that much about it. The handles worried me the most: they are really thin! The leather is pretty soft, so I would really worry about straining the handles.
  10. Thanks that is a good insight.
    I am currently indecided between a dorset tote / bays tote / LV neverful. I already have a black bays tote which is great but wanted a more summery/casual version so was going to get an oak one - but then the dorset came up in 'coming soon'..

    I tend to carry A LOT in my bags (the bays tote has had all kinds of heavy shopping in it) and I don't think the dorset will cope with that.
  12. I think the Dorset Tote is really similar in shape to the LV Neverfull. To me it seems that the Neverfull is more structured and it can definitely cope with heavy stuff (I once saw a pic with a small adult person IN a Neverfull GM and someone lifting the bag up!!). I don't know if the Dorset Tote would handle weight well. I do like the fact that the Dorset Tote has the postman's lock closure.

    I would buy a Neverfull in a heartbeat if they only had some materials/ colours that weren't so recognisable (I shy away from logos).

    If possible, I really recommend that you go see the Dorset Tote yourself. I didn't look at it that closely because I mostly wear satchels so already knew I wouldn't be buying it.
  13. Great thread! I shall wait for the first reveal too!
  14. just ordered the medium Black Forest!!! so excited!!!
  15. Just ordered the large black! I think te Dorset is going to be a huge hit for Mulberry. I've been waiting for them to do a postman's lock tote with a deep arm drop - so glad they figured it out!
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