Dorky wardrobe pics of my Elephant MAB

  1. Okay, so I apparently had nothing better to do :p so I took a bunch of pics of my Elephant MAB with various items of clothing to see how it would look. I'm definitely no fashionista, so I make no claims that elephant goes well with everything, but I'd say its range is pretty good.

    Enjoy! :smile:
    IMG_5212 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5218 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5220 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5224 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5227 [1024x768].JPG
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    IMG_5229 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5231 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5233 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5234 [1024x768].JPG IMG_5236 [1024x768].JPG
  3. Great Pictures!! Thanks! I love it!! =D

    Btw. What that charm that you have attached to your bag? Its adorable!
  4. I LOVE this thread! Not dorky at all. I am liking the Elephant color more and more :biggrin:
  5. Dogdoc, this is totally awesome and in no way dorky! You rock! I wish everyone would do this! I've been trying to make a decision based on how various colors would go with my clothes. I love the new blues, the tangerine, the violet, the wine, eggplant, ect. I've heard that elephant is heavier and stuff, but yours is quite versatile and way cute! Like I really needed another color on my wishlist.:rolleyes: Thanks for the pics!
  6. Thanks! :flowers: It's a keychain my sister got me when she studied a semester in Spain like, 18 yrs ago (has it been THAT long? :shocked:). It's from the Spanish Riding School.

    The leather is kinda stiff-ish and heavy, but I think it will soften up and get more pliable. We'll see! I tend to dislike lightweight leathers - must be my horsey background.

    I haven't found it to be especially prone to scratching, though it might be because I treated it with Lovinmybags protreatment?

    The first elephant bag I had then returned (long story) arrived with some superficial scratches and was quite stiff. The sample sale elephant bag was a little bit more pliable and hasn't gotten any scratches - but even if it did, I don't think it would particularly bother me. So, I think it will get a little floppier as it breaks in; at least I hope it does!
  7. Dogdoc, that is very helpful.

    I am waiting for a matinee elephant. And I think I am gonna have a lot of fun matching my clothes.
    By the way, i use the wilson's spray on my handbags. will that be enough for the Elephant? i heard it is prone to scratch...
  8. hee-hee you're funny and NOT dorky!! Love the pics! I'm waiting for my Elephant MAM this week so it was a nice surprise to see someone took pics of theirs! The color is sooo pretty. And I too was going to ask about the key chain, I have a strange obsession with key chains (ask the DH) and was just as interested in that as the bag!! Now how is THAT for dorky!! Thanks Doc!
  9. Love the pics! The Elephant really goes with everything, great colour!
  10. dogdoc I love this! Thanks for taking the time to post these, it really helps to give a true sense of the color. I hope you didn't mind that I posted your pic here, and I'm glad to see your elephant MAB getting so much love!
  11. Beautiful color, and versatile as well!
  12. I did it! I ordered the MAM in Elephant after seeing these pics! It will be here later this week! I am SO excited!
  13. Thanks for posting the picture... Elephant is a such nice neutral color and it goes with lots of colors!
  14. Not dorky at all! Very nice!
  15. Hey I think this is an awesome idea! Posting pictures of the possible outfits/color combos that would work with RM bags, would be wonderful to look at and may help a lot of people determine if they should buy a particular bag or not!