Dori slingbacks???

  1. I noticed they do not have them on their website or in the store in my area. I was just wondering if anyone had come across them in a dept store clearance or even dept store regular stock? Wouldn't you know I would decide I have to have them, when they are next to impossible to fine, even on ebay?:smile:
  2. I love them too...I'm waiting til I find them at a dept store. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to find them! Good luck
  3. They went on clearance through the company already, so I am betting that there aren't anymore left. You could always call Customer Service and have them do a search for you.
  4. I might have to do that!:smile: You know how it is when you decide you want something. By the time I decide I have to have it, its gone and wind up searching all over the country for them! I'm going to NYC tomorrow so I definitely plan on checking the dept stores that they don't have in my area, but if I don't see them (and I'm betting I won't :sad: ) I'll definitely give customer service a call. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Yep, the Dori is all gone. We sell them to a company in Atlanta that sells them to places like TJ Max, Marshalls, etc... so I would start checking there. This was about a month or so ago when we sent them away.
  6. OOO it's so handy now having someone that actually works for Coach in here. Thanks..I have all the outlet dept stores around me, I'll have to check them. Do you know how long it will take for them to actually get to the dept stores?
  7. Good to know! Thanks MlJones! I was just in NYC over the weekend and asked at the Madison Ave store and SA there said the same thing. I will definitely be on the lookout-we have about 3-4 Marshalls and TJs here and I've been known to hit everyone of them if I'm looking for something in particular! :smile:

  8. I have no clue. once we ship them out, it is out of our hands.
  9. does anyone here have a pic of it.... I have no idea what it looks like and now I am very curious !

    many thanks !
  10. [​IMG]
  11. many thanks !!
    looks nice !