Door to Door Meat Salesman

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  1. I come home from a four-hour, out-of-town trip and find that my husband bought $290 worth of meat from a traveling salesman out of the Metroplex. They have a website and everything, etc., and I have googled it, and haven't found any complaints. I looked at the amount of meat he purchased and I just want to strangle him. What are your experiences with buying meat this way? It's all freezer-packed and some is marinated. I get door-to-door salesman all the time in my neighborhood and I just shoo them away. ARggghhh.
  2. I've never heard of this :blink:

    The thread title made me lol though!!
  3. This sounds completely sketchy to me. I've never heard of people selling meat door-to-door. I don't think I would be comfortable eating it.
  4. Love the title to your thread ! Door to door meat does sound a little.. sketchy ?
  5. :lol: leave it to a man to purchase $300 worth of meat
  6. Okay I can't stop laughing!
    Coachwife6, I have someone come by my neighbourhood selling meat and seafood all the time I shoo him away because I already have a chest freezer full of food and I don't know what I'd do with $300 worth of meat other than hold a block party!
  7. I know! Never heard of this though before... I don't think I'd buy any, unless it was like from the Swan Foods guy or something.
  8. :lol: It does sound like something you'd see on the cover of an old bad porn VHS tape.

    In fact, it probably is on one somewhere. A whole series. Return of the Door to Door Meat Salesman, Door to Door Meat Salesman Goes Hawaiian, Door to Door Meat Salesman in Space, Door to Door Meat Salesman II, II, IV, etc...
  9. I guess the title does sound sketchy. :blush: Thanks for making me laugh.
  10. My parents bought steaks and lobster tails from a guy going doot to door. I don't remember the steaks, but the lobster was really good. My mom made all of her regular dinners (gumbo, etouffee...can you guess that we're cajun?) with the lobster instead of crawfish. It all came out good and we are all still alive *lol*
  11. Those guys are all over the place down here in Florida. I just shoo them away because I just don't like the concept of buying meat off my front porch.
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    This is extremely common here in north Texas. We have them in our neighborhood occasionally, and they come to my office all the time! It must be a regional thing. They do seem to have some pretty good deals sometimes. I've never personally bought anything, but I am sure the meat is just fine. Probably similar to Schwan's (those guys drive me nuts, but they do have some fun items) or Omaha Steaks.

    Btw, I did get a laugh out of your first sentence.

    I like this rationale! :tup:
  13. i had one in cny - Centra New York -i was a bit leery but bought some vacuum packed ribeyes and they were fantastic. so i continued to buy seafood and meat from him - great deal for price and quality. haven't seen it here tho. and yes it did remind me of schwans too which was also popular in that area..
  14. omg...$300 in meat??!?!? I would have killed him
  15. Hm, it must just be a regional thing! I grew up with door-to-door meat salesmen (as well as Schwan's), although my family didn't really buy anything, i don't think. We don't eat a whole lot of meat. just chicken, so maybe that's why.

    But OMG, $300 worth of meat?!:faint: He probably said the same thing that you tell him when you buy a bag: "But it was on sale! It was a great deal! I saved you money, honey!" haha :P