Door Ding - am I overreacting.

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  1. id still go all the way as Charles suggested - check the cameras clocking in time etc and prove her wrong! as you say it was only 100-150$ worth, but if she gets away with it this time, she will just keep on going careless. Dont let her!
  2. :roflmfao::tup:
  3. awww lisa i am so glad its working out in the end. someon stratched my car a few months ago and right away apologized for it and then paid to get it fix (well when i say someone i mean a professor at my university) but if it was someone who didnt adimit to it i would be fuming! i hope you get the GTO back for the car show :smile:
  4. ugh! i totally feel your pain - i live on campus at my school, so i park my car in a communal parking lot all the time, and a few months ago, someone apparently backed into me pulling out of their spot and i now have a softball-sized dent in the back corner of my car. it must have been someone with a truck, because i drive a large SUV and the dent is up above my tail light - a regular car would never have hit it that high.

    and the thing is, i'm the BEST parker ever. i take special care to pull up all the way in the spot until my wheels hit so that people can see to get out around me (since i know my car is large and can cause an obstruction), i never ever try to park in a spot that may be too small for the size of my car, and i always park straight, never on an angle. yet the bastard that ran into me and left a LARGE dent, in addition to scraping the paint, can't even leave a note. it's still there, i haven't had time to fix it. makes me a little sad every time i see it, i love my car.
  5. Cindy and Amanda I am sorry to hear that you have had to deal with the same issues.

    I haven't heard anything from my dealer yet and it's making me nervous about Saturday. :s
  6. Update: So yesterday I got a call from my dealer telling me that my car was done and had been complete since the day before. I thought that was a little quick considering - but I drove the hour it takes to get there. I get there right before closing so my normal Service Writer has already left for the day (I missed him by 20 mins! Doh!)

    We get there and exchange keys with the cashier (they get the rental I get my GTO). I walk out to her and notice immediately that the paint chip on the front fender is still there. It's even more noticable now because when they buffed it out it removed whatever touch up paint had been placed on there. I assume the chip was from when they brought the car over from the previous dealership and that someone had tried to hide the fact it had occurred.

    Of course, I walk back in and talk to the head of the Service department who remembers me from when we had our 04 GTO bought back due to service concerns. He even remembered the 05 we bought right after. You could tell he was concerned that the issues had not been taken care of. Especially knowing how far we go to come to this specific dealership. There are literally 3 Pontiac dealerships within 20 mins of my house. I choose to drive the hour to the other side of town because this dealership is phenomenal.

    So, it looks like I will be rocking the Malibu for several more days as they are repainting both the front and rear bumpers. The Service guy even apologized for the fact that I had a Malibu as a rental car. :lol: The saving grace to the car is the fact that it gets over 30 mpg. ;)
  7. ^aw that sucks! At least your car will be *brand new* looking in a few more days.

    A similar thing happened to my fiancee...he has a new Ford F150 Lariat, moon roof, 22 inch rims, HIDs, everything...he brought it in to the dealer b/c his back window was squeaking (it opens automatically with a little button) and he got a rasberry colored Saturn ION as a rental car!!!

    OMG he was beyond mortified!!!! To top it off, he is like 6'4" so he barely could fold himself into the thing! LMAO!!

    So needless to say he drove my Mustang and I had to drive the ION mainly until his truck was done at the service shop!!
  8. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Im so glad you got it fixed but people like that drive me crazy

    I once came out of school for the day to find some #%$*& had parked so close to my car that I had to get in through the passenger door needless to say I wrote a note explaining that next time I see her car so close to someone else she was going to get more then a note :supacool:

    oh and i told her I wrote down her license plate number and make, model and color of her car...

    I mean seriously there was soooooooooo much space on the other side of her.
  9. Guess freaking what????

    My car got door dinged today! It must be something on tPF. I swear I have read several stories of this happening the last couple days. Lucky for me I was sitting in the car when it happened. It was weird too because I saw this Range Rover pull up and had an instinct it was going to happen, but I was like it’s a Range (brand new too) and that is the last thing they want to do with their car. The driver gets out and I go back to playing on my blackberry while waiting for my Thai food then THUMP. The person in the backseat hits their door against mine! I am a very shy person and it is not of my nature to confront people so I let them walk in the restaurant while I ran around and checked out my car to see if it was even something noticeable. It took off paint, scratched it and made a pretty good sized dent. I ended up going in and letting them know what happened. The guy driving the car followed me out. He looked at the dent and kind of was acting like his car couldn’t do that and even said his backdoor doesn’t open! What kind of brand new 90k range rover doesn’t have a functioning back door? He finally opens the back door, swings open the door all the way and it is a perfect match. He then goes inside to get the guy who was in the backseat while I wait out front. Finally another guy comes out and explains they work at a nearby Range Rover/Jaguar dealer and they can have it fixed by their detail guy but the whole time they still acted like it wasn’t possible. They kept opening the door to check it out again or seeing it the scratch would just rub off. The guy who hit it was actually the manager. He gave me his number and said he’d have it detailed too. I will be calling him tomorrow. The funny thing is that I am in love with Range Rover and drool over every one I see. Maybe that is why I was checking out the car while it was pulling in. I was going to crack a joke that they could just trade cars with me, or hook me up with a Range Rover but they probably wouldn’t think that was funny or think I didn’t really care about my car and they could get away with not fixing it. Maybe I will get a rental Range for the day though. Woo hoo!
  10. ^oh sorry that happened :sad:
  11. Wow Kirsten that is ridiculous. You would think that people would be more careful when they see you sitting in the car. Twice I have been sitting in my car when someone door dinged my Jeep. Again - I can't say it enough - people never cease to amaze me. I really hope they care of the ding for you as they said that they would.

    Shay86 - I had that happen to me as well - where people parked SO close to me on the driver side that I too had to climb into the passenger side. I was SO pissed but I didn't leave a note or anything.

    CoutureGrl - your story made me giggle. Trying to picture this 6'4" guy cram himself into a Saturn! I wish DH would switch cars with me. :graucho: :supacool: But, I can't even imagine his reaction to getting a door ding! :wtf:
  12. I just read through this whole thing and I'm soooo glad that things worked out for you. I have always been nutz about my cars and I've been in similar situations but I never handle things as graceful as you did. :shame: Back in college I took my revenge on every rude inconsiderate driver I came in contact with. Gumming the handles, keying the paint, putting crazy glue in the door locks....that one was really terrible. I commuted to school and the parking was awful and very competitive....I used to have to arrive 40 mins early just to get a spot! And of course, there were always those people deliberately parking in 2 spots and "the spot stealers"! (They were the ones that would cut you off and whip into the spot as you were patiently waiting with your signal on!:cursing:) I had a beat up old Honda freshman year so when the spot stealers pulled their crap I would park directly behind them and block them in. Don't mess with me lol :P
  13. ^LMAO!!!

    I HATE people who take up more than 1 spot!!!
  14. ^^^I've grown up and no longer do that stuff anymore. Well....sortof. I did have a small incident this past weekend where a girl pushed a shopping cart out of a spot she wanted to park in and it clipped the side of my Jeep. :cursing:I had just gotten back into my car and she obviously didn't see me sitting there and when I got out she looked like she was gonna crap her self! She gave me an "Oh, sorry" and walked inside. I then surrounded her new Mercedes with about 10 shopping carts and left. I should've waited and watched her as she moved them all!
  15. Update: I finally picked up my car last night. After spending an hour or so in traffic I finally arrived and she is PERFECT! Just like she should have looked to begin with. Since I was already on the other side of town I decided I deserved some purse handling time at LV.

    So, after a full day I drive home and arrive around 730pm. As soon as I pull up I realize I left the damn garage door opener in the rental car. :cursing: Since there is no way in hell I was going to turn around and go get it (not to mention the service department was closed anyways).