Door Ding - am I overreacting.

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  1. Couturegrl - I know exactly what you are saying. I am so torn over this. My boss is the head of HR for the company - so a part of me doesn't want to drag him into it and blow it out of proportion. I know the girl that runs temp staffing at our company (or atleast runs one of the companies that staff with us) so I am going to ask her if she knows the woman and what she thinks may be the best course of action with her employee.

    My husband drove a cougar as his first car. :smile: Such a shame that someone would destroy another person's property so severely out of jealousy.

    neodamonkey - sorry to hear about your gum incident. DH drives a Vette as well. Sadly, I will never be able to take it to work since people at my place can't seem to respect other people's property.

    thithi - On the voicemail the woman is denying that she damaged my car. The only thing she admits to is leaning her door against my mirror. In her mind her door never touched the body of my car. I really doubt she will ever admit that she did it.
  2. can the security cam see if there was another car that was parked there like she said? If i were you, i'd ask th security guys to let you watch the video just in case you might see something. sometimes these people just don't bother because it's not their problem

    If you really think she did it, i'd make her pay for the ding and even talk to her temp agency or whatever you can do. but then again, sometimes i am too aggressive....

    Did you take a photo of her car and your car with her license plate?
  3. Yes, a coworker had his digital camera on him and so we took pics then.
  4. Lisa- I'm just so sorry this is turning into such a drama for you! I completely feel for you w/not wanting to make a stink, yet feeling like this girl damaged your car and should pay for it. Sorry I'm not more helpful, but I'm seriously just like you in these situations!

    Did you ever talk to the woman in charge of the temps?
  5. No, I haven't yet. She called in while I was on break. :Push:
  6. Maybe offer to pay for half of the ding, and if not..say you will escalate the telling your boss, or the parking garage, or her temp agency, dmv, etc.

    worth a try?

    she sounds like a loser.
  7. I feel your pain.

    I have had my car for only about two months, and two weeks ago I was rear-ended by someone. It left a small dent that looks like someone punched my bumper, but it kills me every time I look at it. And I am a resident so I don't really have much time to get my car fixed. I probably will have to wait until during my vacation time in August.

    My car isn't brand new (it's a 2006), but I had only had it for a little over a month! It scares me how many drivers there are out there who just don't care.

    I got the driver's name and phone number, but a few months will likely go by before I can have it fixed. I don't know if it's worth the hassle to call her and then have her say, "I don't know what you're talking about!"

    I've calmed down considerably, but at first I was :cursing: :mad: :censor:

    It sucks that no matter how careful you drive there are always crazies out there who just don't care.
  8. If she said she got there at 6, then moved her car at 8am, the security cam should show her arriving in the door, leaving the building to move her car, then coming back in. Does it show that? Also, what time did she clock in that morning? You said you know the girl who handles the temps, perhaps she can verify this for you? Does your building use a card key to enter? Pull the times it shows her using hers.
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking. But, the dent is small and should only cost 100-150 to fix. The trouble I am having is - is it worth all the trouble just for 100 dollars? KWIM?
  10. Principle!!!

  11. Exactly. The damage is one thing but to deny it and to make up an insane story. She deserves the 100$ penalty! :smile:
  12. Update: So as we all know I completely chickened out talking to the crazy woman. BUT, I am happy to say that I took my car into the dealer yesterday and they are repairing the damage as well as a few paint scrapes that were on the body of the car when I bought her. Which means I am driving a Chevy Malibu around until I get my GTO back. Needless to say I feel completely out of my element. I haven't had a sedan in FOREVER. BUT - I am beyond excited that my GTO will be in pristine condition when I get her back. There is a car show this weekend that I wanted to bring her to so I really hope I get her back by then.

    Thanks again for all your comments and support!
  13. I just read through all of this. Glad it turned out well. It's hard to be confrontational. I got a door ding 3 days after owning my brand new car ($400 paint job), now I just park far far away. When I had an older car, I was sitting in it when this really nice car pulled up, the passenger threw her door open and it slammed into mine. She had to pry her door off of mine when she closed it, that's how hard she threw it. Then she just walked away. I called her back, and she actually said she didn't hit my car. The driver was trying to keep quiet, but he looked really worried. Since my car was old, I didn't do anything else, but we gummed the underside of the passenger door handle when we left.
  14. wow titania029 - people will never cease to amaze me.

    I just thought parking lot courtesy was common sense - but apparently not. :sad:
  15. I know! Uhhh...some people. If my car had been new, I think I would have pounced on her, hehe.