Door Ding - am I overreacting.

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  1. I hate door dings!!! My coworker dinged my door when she was getting out of my car. I really don’t know why she had to open the door that far. She was very apologetic and I really couldn’t get mad. I guess it happens? The other car she hit was our other coworker’s car and it hit the mirror, so it caused no damage at all. Plus the other car was a beater and mine is brand new. When I look at that side of my car it is all I can stare at. It isn’t really noticeable unless you know where it is at exactly and if the sun is hitting it just right, but I am always zooming into it. I am very anal about my cars and always keep them clean and scratch/ding-free. This is my first car I have owned to ever get damaged. Dinged and scratched up cars is a pet peeve of mine. I hate seeing someone driving around with a huge dent in their car; get it fixed! To me my car is like my top prize possession so I baby it a lot. My fiancé is the same way. He was really PO’ed when I showed him the dent and he told me to have my coworker pay to get it fixed. I don’t want her to totally hate me for asking her to pay though but it really bugs me knowing it is there. Now I just don’t let her ride in my car anymore. The other day my coworkers and I went to lunch and they got out they opened the door too far and hit a brand new infinity m35. He hit it really hard too and it knocked off about a ½ inch of paint and left a pretty decent sized dent. Very noticeable! He were just like “woops” and ignored it. I told him he should leave a note and he said “I don’t want to pay for it.” He just got a brand new car so we will see if karma pays him back.

    Anyway I know your frustration and I don’t think you are overreacting. We just appreciate our cars! I hope you get yours resolved soon. It sounds like the people are willing to comply if they called you back.
  2. I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had just gotten my new car and in less than 2 months I think it was, my future MOTHER IN LAW dings the my passenger side door!!!!!!!!! She was unloading stuff from her trip to the store and had her door wide open in the driveway. The stupid dumb a** didn't even realize that her door was "resting" against my car until my fiance walked out to help and started screaming at her for what she had done.

    To make it better my car is black so the ding stands out like a sore thumb. She "offered" to pay to have it fixed, but these people are HORRIBLE with money and I know I would never see any cash to get it fixed if I tried. I'm still pissed about to this day. And it gives me and my fiance another reason to hate his parents. (I know that part sounds bad, but he disliked them before we met and they are horrible, horrible parents)
  3. If she's a temp at your office ask your boss what time her shift started. If not call her temp agency and ask. I don't believe her for a second.
  4. I don't believe her either. But, it isn't HORRIBLE just noticable in the sunlight when you look at the side of the door. Luckily, the grey exterior color hides imperfections pretty well.
  5. OMG Lisa I am so sorry this happened to you!

    The driver of that Silverado is lucky he dinged the door of someone as nice as you because I would have left him/her alittle more than just a note...

  6. Yeah but then people could get mad and key your car, KWIM?

    You just can't win either way:Push::cursing:

  7. If I were you, I would call her bluff. Let her know that that can't possibly be true, because according to the security footage tape, it shows her truck doing the damage. I bet she will recant her story reaaaaal quick.

    I'm not sure about your work phone, but mine has a function where you can record the call.

    I would REALLY have security take a double look at the footage, just in case trees aren't blocking it.

    This is a true story that happened to me:

    I went to the store to go shoe shopping with my mom. We both drove separate cars. I parked in a was pretty early, so most of the spots around me were open.

    When I came back out a few hours later, some person in a white Chevy truck had pulled into the spot directly in front of me and had smashed our bumpers into each other. The icing on the cake is that they then LEFT THEIR TRUCK still smashed into the front of my car and went shopping!!!

    My mom and I went back into the store and had them call the license plate number on the PA system. We then took pix of the damage and called the police. Even though it was on private property, the officer still did a report b/c the vehicles were still smushed into each other.

    After awhile, this 70 year old woman comes out of the store. THe officer starts to give her a lecture about being a more careful parker. She then tells the officer that I HIT HER!!! I was furious!

    So we went with the store manager into the security room and watched the footage...sure enough, it shows her plowing into my car, getting out and leaving!!:wtf:

    Needless to say, her insurance company paid for the damages!!
  8. I agree with her bluff. I just had dings removed from both of our vehicles and it cost $500. People are so freaking rude....I swear some do it on purpose when they see a nice car!
  9. That's awful, on your new car too!! I'd ask what time her shift started to see if she's telling the truth. Do you remember a car being parked there before you pulled in?

    If she admits fault, are you going to make her pay for the damage?
  10. :cursing: I really wanted to leave her more than a note. But, being that we work together I thought better of it. :Push:

    I can't believe someone would hit your cars and then lie about it. That's so sad. Especially in a parking lot like that. They have to think it would be recorded. :rolleyes: Crazy lady!

    I was definitely thinking about calling her bluff. But, in the end I just gave up. So, I had a back bone for about half a second. I have no idea what she looks like - but I am definitely going to be adjusting where I park tomorrow.
  11. When I parked at 6am there were pretty much no cars in the parking lot. So there was no one on either side of me.

    I wanted to make her pay for it. But, the way she is acting it just doesn't feel like it is worth the drama.
  12. ^urgh I see your point...not worth the hassle if she is going to be a #*R&*(&$ about it.

    Buuuuuuuuuut the other side of me says to be a pain in the butt!! Make her pay for it! Even if it was just an honest mistake and she didn't notice (which I doubt), she should still feel obligated to pay for the damage to your beautiful new car.

    If you are worried about the whole working with her thing, maybe talk to your supervisor about it and how to proceed so that you don't ruffle any unneccesary feathers? Depending on the type of boss you have, of course. Maybe that would help??
  13. I would be ticked off. Some jerk stuck gum on my car today! What a hater! I drive a corvette (that I bought no help from the parents) and people are always doing disrespectful things to me and my car.
  14. When my dad was in high school, he drove one of the nicest cars there...a Cougar or something like that??

    Anyway some guys got jealous and dumped pool acid all over his hood and totally ruined his paint :sad:

    People can be such jerks!
  15. You still have the message admitting that she dinged it, right? If you feel that she should pay for the damage, then you should definitely confront her about it. People like her need to learn from those types of mistakes. For all we know, she could be careless again and do it to somebody else. I really hope it works out somehow!!