Door Ding - am I overreacting.

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  1. I'm sorry that this happened to you!

    Please DON'T straddle two spots!! I once saw a car get "keyed" because of that. We called the police and the guy was arrested. The guy who owned the car was FURIOUS and said it would probably be a couple thousand dollars to repair that damage!
  2. I could see that happening if I did that in my normal parking area. People are so crazy about parking spots.
  3. Many years ago, someone left a funny little card on my bosses car. Basically for parking right up the backside.

    These cards were then being used frequently.

    I just did a google search and found a website with some appropriate comments to add to the card, so you have a selection of different options.

    Fed Up With Bad Parking? Revenge is Free on April Fools' Day!
  4. I would cry. Honestly. Someone here at school hit my car and left a bit of white paint on the side - no dent or anything, but there's paint. I was so pissed off. My car isn't even that new, but its the nicest thing I own, KWIM?

    ... get his license plate number too, just in case he doesn't respond.
  5. I totally understand, because I got a new car last summer. I have yet to get a ding, because I park so far away. When I get that first one I will probably cry. I know that sounds crazy, but this is my first BRAND new car that I have paid for all myself.
  6. I understand the crying response. I surely wanted to scream. None of my other cars had noticable door dings. It's such a frustrating experience. My note is still there and I sat outside for lunch to see if the person would show up. So far there has there nothing.
  7. Good luck, hope everything gets resolved quickly and smoothly. I bought my car last year, and haven't got a door ding *crosses fingers*.. but I did back into something lol.
  8. I am glad you left a note and got proof. You definitely need them to fix it. Don't just say cars get dings! You just have to be careful where you park. I got a new car almost 2 yrs ago and still don't have a single ding "knock on wood". I just make sure I always park in a corner spot and get close to the curb as possible so that the person parking next to me has plenty of room so they cannot ding me. If no corner spot then I park far away and walk.
  9. I know your frustation. I had less than 50 miles on my BRAND NEW car..and some huge BLACK BOAT parked so close to me they dinged me too. I left a note for them..saying "thanks so much for reducing the value of my car because you don't know how to park correctly!"

    Makes ya mad!
  10. Update: So I got a call from the person that did it. I provided my cell phone number so I wasn't able to answer it - since I am working. They left a voicemail. On the voicemail she is claiming that it is her husband's truck and that she would never do something like that since he is really anal about his paint. She mentioned that she leaned her door against my mirror and that's all. She sounded nice and offered to go outside to look at it with me since she couldn't see the ding.

    I am such a push over. I hate to sit there are tell someone they did something if they are going to deny it. Somebody make me grow a back bone and go out there.
  11. Lisa - I know just how you feel. My neighbor let his idiot 9 year old grandson play with the lawnmower on Thursday and the kid decided it would be a fabulous idea to run it on our driveway (it's all torn up right now b/c we're doing a lot of work, so I guess he wanted to try to kick up a dust cloud). The end result? A whole bunch of scratches and nicks on my car which was in perfect condition beforehand! We have a family business in auto parts and have friends who can repair the car cheap, but if we didn't, I'd so be billing my neighbor for the damage. I'm just like you though - need help growing a backbone.

    However, if you know that the ding wasn't there before and is there now, don't let this woman make you feel bad, regardless of what she claims to know about how her husband is with his car. Go out there, try to remain calm, and if she denies it, just report it.
  12. I agree! I wouldn't want a ding on my car either. Especially if it's brand new.... :yes:
  13. Thank you willowsmom! I should definitely follow through with this. It was my work parking lot so even if she denies it. I would be interested in following up with seeing if it was caught on tape. I can't stand people who don't stand up for their actions.
  14. Do you have a digital camera? Take photos right away with a time stamp of the damage, the other car and the other car's license plate number.
  15. Update: Called the girl and spoke with her. She again denies that she did it and now claims there was a car in the spot before her. Which I find odd considering I parked there at 6am and viewed the damage at 8am. She said she started work at 5:30am but moved her car later in the morning to be closer to the door. And that she saw a car moving out of the spot next to me and parked there. She then tells me that she will be working until 5pm. Those seem like awefully long hours for a temp. I don't feel like having her go out there cause I can't be sure she didn't move her car forward since getting my note. I talked to facilities about viewing the camera and they said that the trees are in the way and so they probably wouldn't be able to view anything. So now I am left with her word against mine. And I really don't feel like causing an argument with a co-worker. Let alone a co-worker that is a temp and just started working here.