Door Ding - am I overreacting.

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  1. Don't forget to get his lisence plate down too! If he's a real ass then just claim it. If you have a camera on your phone take a picture of proof of HOW close he's to you.
  2. Sadly parking spaces are at a premium here so that wouldn't stop people from parking next to me. DH has gotten a parking ticket for taking up more than one space with his car while at the Zoo of all places. It was 16 dollars and in his opinion worth it. I just don't want to be the jack@ss that does that right in front of one of the entrances. I will probably straddle two spots when parking in the boofoo parking lot.
  3. When I read this post i thought it said Dior Ding! :nuts:

    Anyway, sorry this happend and i think your note sounds perfect. if you have a camera on your phone i would take pics as well.
  4. so sorry, my husband is always coming home with dings from his parking garage. they try to pack so many cars in the underground lot...its impossible for anyone to park straight.

    for some reason new cars attract dings like a magnet.

    we have used the dent/ding removal service. they did a nice job.
  5. Thanks sheishollywood -

    I took down the information of his car (make/model/color/license plate) and took photos of the parking space. Luckily a coworker of mine brought his digital camera.
  6. How much was it?
  7. Not a problem!

    I remember when someone backed into my old car and because I was a new driver tried to manipulate the situation as if I was wrong for having my car stand still while she tried to back up. Let's just say she didn't like the fact that a new driver knew more than she did :P

    I hope you can get this issue resolved smoothly. The worst is someone who did something wrong and can't fess up!
  8. my husband had some small dings removed from the door, and then his bumper had a scrape. i think it was around $300...i think the bulk of the money was to remove the scrape on the was down to the metal.
  9. My GOODNESS! :wtf: I hope it doesn't cost that much. I really hope it will be under $100. I should probably call a few places now so that if the person contacts me I can quote prices.
  10. Update: I left the note on the person's car and called around different body shops. Looks like the minimum price to fix is $100-150. UGH I can just see the person refusing to pay that much over such a small ding.
  11. I would write down his plates and call their insurance company..also leave a note too. That sucks..sorry to hear.
  12. It's odd but his license plate's first 3 digits are my birth month and year. Go figure.
  13. I am almost tempted to take down the VIN and track the owner down that way. :boxing:
    If he doesn't call me I may resort to that.
  14. absolutely leave a note. what's his problem that he had to park so close?!?!

    it's such a shame that u don't even have the plates and he's already dingeed ur door. ARGH so frustrating!!

    Sorry to hear about it!
  15. Make sure you write their license plate number in case they don't call you..

    Edit: nvm just read you did :smile: