Door Ding - am I overreacting.

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  1. So, I walk out to my car at break right now. And a Chevy Silverado is parked next to me. So close in fact that he DINGED my door. There is no scratch on the paint its solely an indent on the passenger side door. I paged over head in the building about the car but no one has called back claiming ownership. Should I leave them a note? I have one written out but I am worried that I am overreacting. I need some tPF support right now. I don't even have plates on my car yet and I ALREADY have a door ding. :crybaby:

    What should I do?
  2. Thats a shame, I would leave a note and see if they can pay to put it right. Why do people park soo close!!!
    You are not over reacting at all.
  3. thanks sammyjoe!

    I have no idea how much it would cost to fix or if it is even worth fixing.
    I mean cars end up with door dings right?! UGH :hysteric: I HATE people that don't care for other people's belongings. ESPECIALLY A BRAND NEW CAR.
  4. How big is the ding? because i'd be SUPER peeved about it! I saw some guy back up and hit some other car and I wrote out a note and left it on his windsheild w/ the license plate number.

    I think you have a right to be upset if some guy dinged your car and just walked away like "meh, she wouldn't mind fixing it. "
  5. I understand completely, it annoys me when people have to park next to you when the car park is clear.
    It is annoying having a ding, but it could be worse. It is worth fixing if it bothers you a lot. In the UK some companies can "pull" the ding right out for about £50 max. Especially if it is not too deep.
  6. Seriously! They had to have noticed that their door made contact with mine! I mean they hit it hard enough to ding it!
  7. It doesn't seem TOO deep - just noticable. And it really bothers me just thinking about it. :sad:
  8. Oh, please!!! I called the police on a neighboor I had that parked her car daily with her door less than 6" from my brand new car!!!! AAAAAAGGGGHHHH. I'd leave a note. My husband and I go out of our way to park as far as possible from other cars. Of course, if the lot is empty there's always 1 a@*hole that parks next to you and dings the door...:cursing::hysteric:
  9. Hell yes you should leave a note! Door dings specifically show that people don't pay attention (how close they are to another car), and don't care about other people's property. I hate, HATE door dings cause people seem to think they don't need to answer for them. It's a dent, plain and simple, and they caused it. Therefore, they pay to get it fixed. UGH!!

    This is why I park 5 rows and 20 spaces away.
  10. Me too! I would be pissed. That's what scares me about buying a new car. I'm def. going to be more selective about where I park. A note isn't going to do anything. I don't know what I would do but since your car is brand new I would like to rip that person a new butthole!
  11. This is the 3rd time I have been door dinged (that I KNOW about) in this parking lot. The other 2 times were in my Jeep and they didn't leave marks. They just happened to do it while I was sitting in the car. UGH I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN this would happen to my new one. I feel like screaming.
  12. I usually make a point to park away from other cars. But with this job I start really early in the morning - usually before dawn in the winter. So I like to park near the entrance so I can get in right away. This is the 3rd area of the parking lot I have switched to because of the previous incidents. Looks like I will be seriously trekking it from now on. Well, atleast until winter.
  13. I don't think you are overreacting at all....its your new car!!!!! I can't stand door dings, I have several on my SUV and it bothers me. I try to park on the end parking spaces at work, but half the time it doen't seem to matter because people just are not respectful of other peoples property! I would certainly leave a note!
  14. Any recommendations for verbage on the note?

    So far I have

    Hi, my name is Lisa. You parked next to me this morning and inadvertantly dinged/dented my door. I have only had my car for 2 weeks and don't even have plates yet. Please call me so we can exchange insurance information.
    Thanks, Lisa

  15. So true. My dad parks slanted and on the line so it makes HIM look like a bad driver so no one wants to park next to him :P