Dooney's New Hayden Bag... Whatcha think?

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  1. Taken From

    Hayden Bag

    What if you had the chance to design the handbag you’ve always wanted? For Hayden Panettiere, currently starring in NBC’s hit show Heroes, it was an exciting opportunity. She began by describing to Peter Dooney just what she envisioned: a large leather shoulder bag with puffy pleats, a buckle closure and great style. The design team made some sketches, then Peter Dooney transformed her ideas into prototypes at Dooney & Bourke’s design studio in Florence, Italy. After several revisions and lots of input from Hayden, the limited edition Hayden Bag was born.

    Hayden Bag - $500
    H 11" W 7.5" L 17"
    Inside zip pocket. Cell phone pocket. Inside key hook. Handle drop length: 8.5" Lined. 18K gold finish.

    Available in Black, Brown T-moro, Red and White.


    I think it's cute! I would take that big HP thing off though...
  2. As I've already stated in another thread: it's gorgeous! Not sure if I would buy it for that much money, but...yeah. Adorable.
  3. Hmm.. I did a search and didn't see it already discussed... Oh well sorry.
  4. Cute bag but the leather looks too shiny for me. And yea I'd get rid of the HP also.
  5. I kind of like it, but really don't like the flap over the top or the HP tag.
  6. Very cute. But that HP tag looks like an airline baggage check tag. "Flight 452 to Hackensack Plaza is boarding at Gate 32 please check your bags..."

    Would not pay $500 for it though.
  7. Cute bag.

    LOL on the baggage tag though!!
  8. I think its cute (love the patent leather), I don't like the belt closure though.. seems tricky to get in and out of if you're in a hurry. $500 is a bit steep for a Dooney bag imo.
  9. :roflmfao:So true!
  10. i think it's really cute! i'd buy it if it was $200 cheaper...definitely not worth $500.
  11. cute!!!! but i dunno if i'd drop $500 on a dooney...
  12. It's actually a really cute bag. Doesn't even look like a Dooney bag at all tho. lol. But yeah no way I'd pay $500 for that. But it's kewl hayden got to create her own.
  13. I agree with all of the comments about the big HP. But then again, I even take the hanging duck logo off of any of my dooney's that have them. lol It's nice to see something new. I guess their marketing plan is working. They keep getting young faces to front their products. I assume they're doing what the auto makers do -- appeal to young shoppers and have them for life.
  14. I think it's cute too, but I wouldn't pay that much for a Dooney. I could add another $95 and have an LV Speedy! I also don't like the HP luggage tag. I would end up tossing that.