Dooney's "Miami" Line!

  1. I'm not sure what to think of this line, which really disturbs me because I want a small duffel in each color!

    They offer many bag styles in the print, in white, black, and pink, but I'm not sure how I feel about this print. It's too Sydney Love-ish, and I'm not that fond of clothing and shoes on bags.

  2. I'll pass. I didn't like the "Texas" line either.
  3. I don't like it.
  4. Yeah not my style. They are definitely trying to appeal to teens though it looks like with all their newer lines.
  5. ^^i agree. and it seems to be somewhat working. ive also seen younger college aged girls with some of their styles...but definitely not for me :nogood:
  6. just not for me....i just feel that dooney got some success with the it line (which i liked and own a couple bags from) and have each season since tried to do it bigger and better...only it NEVER works, KWIM? To me, this print is just tacky...JMO.:shrugs:
  7. I agree, IMO it looks like something a teenager would wear. Maybe that's a little too harsh, but definitely juvenile.
  8. Neither did I.
  9. Oh now that is just wrong.:yucky:
  10. I don't like this one as a daily use, but maybe a clear tote for the beach it could work. I usually love the patterns, but this one and the Texas line turned me off.
  11. It kinda screams "JoAnn Fabric remnant table!" (i.e., the fabric that never sells and sits there for like years). I actually liked the Texas line because the print reminded me of those little cowboy lamps that everyone had back in the '50s. Very retro. But this print is blah and unambitious.
  12. I love dooney but i am not feeling that pattern at all.
  13. Hope you all don't' mind a man dropping in here.. but my wife loves DB bags.. and our anniversary is coming up and i would like to get her a set of the Black Maimi ... other than the Dooney site.. anyone know where to get a bucket bag and wallet in the Black Maimi??
  14. I don't like this print as I haven't liked many of their printed bags over the last few years. Sorry, just my opinion.

    I do however think that Dooney leather bags are still nice and appealing to more than just the youngest bag-buying population. The croco-embossed was/is nice, and the chiara bags look lovely.

    These are kinda silly to me, and they don't look like they are worth what I am sure they are charging for them................:nogood: